Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors

A desperate gambling addict. A ruthless team of con men. One point five million dollars. Let the game begin.

A desperate gambling addict. A ruthless team of con men. One point five million dollars. Let the game begin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura R (mx) wrote: Benny Cum was pretty brilliant.

Daniel W (mx) wrote: Just as much fun as the first one - if I had to pick an action franchise starting veteran actors, I'd choose this over Expendables every time. However, watching this a month after the Paris attacks made the scenes set there a bit uncomfortable to watch.

Garrett Y (us) wrote: Holy crap...Jasmin and Joy know what I'm talkin about with this one...

Michael L (jp) wrote: I'm a big fan of "Innocence" (another film based on the same novella), so it'd be interesting to see this and compare the two.

W W (kr) wrote: True to his style, Morris seems to remain objective in his approach to the subject of this documentary. It makes it all the more fascinating as the path his subject takes unfolds in front of the viewer. Not what you would expect.

Him O (gb) wrote: Another good NZ movie.

Holly R (jp) wrote: Wake up to your mermaid life.

Sam T (kr) wrote: "What are you doing ehre, you haven't got a musket?""I know, that's why I'm standing behind you."

Pavandeep S (jp) wrote: I personally thought this was a fascinating tale. A basic tale on what mankind protects the most first, himself, then his family, then his frieds, then everything else. A moody tale, of suffering and evil and the torment it incurs, for one to go through everything and still be courageous enough to do evil, for something, contemptuous evil too.

Mark D (ag) wrote: A decent episode in a series that always borders on boring me.

lisa s (de) wrote: what we wish politicians were like

Paul E (us) wrote: Overdone violence and language. Hard to follow in places with so many plots and twists and turns. Could have been filmed a lot better. Weak ending.

Noname (ru) wrote: This is a cop crime movie much like "We own the night" and other similar ones. I liked this flick a bit more tho. A good story about police corruption taking place in New York. Acting was good and Edward Norton takes care of that part like he always do. Colin Farrell did a great role aswell along with Jon Voight. A highly recommended movie if you like these kind of flicks.