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Alex W (ca) wrote: A very slow very British drama. Faded from my memory pretty fast. I imagine an old English couple loving this, perhaps its not made for me.

Clara V (jp) wrote: It was a good movie. I really like Chiwetel Ejiofor as an actor

Dave J (ca) wrote: I imagine the book is a lot better. Still, it starts out with a setting that certainly can lead to many directions. A bit of mystery about this world and its mind sets adds to the flavor. Could have used a couple more jolts along the way and in the end it took the least interesting path of creativity. It was still an interesting journey.

Anna B (ru) wrote: I really liked the first half (the scenes concerning Pencil's death are incredibly moving), but I thought it went off in some kinda bizarre, preachy directions that didn't really work (and that's coming from an animal lover) and that White covered much better a few years later with Enlightened. In fact much of this movie's themes on activism seem kind of redundant to that show, including the almost identical ending. I still liked it, but plot-wise it's a bit hard to swallow.

Jessica H (br) wrote: It's direct to video for a reason.

Gino M (mx) wrote: funny movie Lindsay should go back to act like that

Duncan K (kr) wrote: For a film that labels itself as sports, romance, and comedy, it surprisingly manages all three rather well.

Campbell P (kr) wrote: The best part about Wes Anderson's filmmaking is that none of his films feel the same but have the same quality to them. In Rushmore he has his quirky characters and colors for sure, but the story isn't like anything I've seen before. It follows the story of really bright schoolboy, Max Fischer, who uses all his potential towards extracurricular activities. The headmaster of Rushmore tells him that if he doesn't get his grades up they will throw him out of the school. This is the film that really glorifies Anderson's unique style of writing. You'll never see a movie quite like this anytime soon, it's goofy, it's romantic, it's sometimes hard to bear, and it's very VERY intelligent. His dialogue he writes for the characters always sounds really interesting and I'm always on board with the story due to their convincing speech and tones. This is also giving credit to the great performances by the leading cast. Jason Schwartzman gives a great performance in his first ever role and it's sure as heck a memorable one. Bill Murray didn't feel like he phoned it in this time and really paid off because his character was very charismatic and fun to watch as he was pit against the pretentious Max. The supporting cast is just as fun as the main cast because since they don't play as big of a role they can be as kooky as they need to be and still make the story seem relevant and on point. The two sons of Herman, Dirk, and even Margaret were really fun characters despite their limited screen time. Anderson really shines when it comes to overall character buildup and their change throughout the film. The characters all learn something and it never felt forced. However some parts of the film were slower than others and I partly feel that was just because there were so many details that had to be addressed that it just took a few scenes to explain what really would go down. This movie was really entertaining when it wasn't slow and it was quick with the punches and it felt exciting for a majority of the film. The soundtrack was phenomenal given the independent film setting and the quirky scene transitions. It just felt fitting. Rushmore overall is a solid effort by awes Anderson. It has plenty of laughs, a great cast, a very original story, and lots of great visuals. B+

Matt G (gb) wrote: I understand why people hate this movie: the lead is a douchebag, the broad-joke writing is embarrassing, and nothing character or plot-wise really makes any sense (Suddenly Goldberg can't skate? They win the Olympics but can't beat a high school team?). HOWEVER, the interpersonal drama is among the best of the series, the smaller moments of humor are good, and the new coach breathes some authentic life into the athletics. An extremely Disney-Channel-fied mess of a (barely) good time.

Alyssa N (it) wrote: There just aren't enough movies out there that manage to be this sexy and subversive while still having substance and artistic merit, but thank god for Pedro Almodovar. This is one of his older, less polished films, and sometimes that works stylistically to give it a more gritty and disturbing feel. Other times, the finished product is just a little too messy. But that doesn't change the fact that this is still one of the more inspired and intriguing films I've seen of late. The characters are incredibly twisted (serial killers, necrophiliacs, failed rapists, etc.), which just makes them all the more fascinating. We never get as deep inside their heads as I usually like, but there's enough compelling stuff on the surface to make that less necessary.

Neeraj C (us) wrote: Excellent work from Olmi with a "real" cast and breathtaking cinematography. Its like watching poetry in motion.

Anthony I (jp) wrote: Hard to watch and will leave you feeling very depressed. But truly, this is a fantastic first picture by Oliver Stone. His script is magnificent and Alan Parker's direction is even better. The performances are top notch, especially from Randy Quaid and John Hurt. Great movie.

Christine R (ag) wrote: So much to love about this fantastic bio of Woody Guthrie. David Carradine does a great job as Woody who leaves dust covered Texas int eh depression to find a better life in California. Along the way learns of the plight of the working class and uses his musical talent to get people organized for change. Wonderful cast, great story, awesome music...I mean Randy Quaid pre-cousin eddie, and Melinda Dillon before A Christmas Story are just added bonuses. Woody Guthrie is a legend, and it was great to get to know him better.

Jimmy B (de) wrote: top 5 westerns! great, you just need to see this. words can't really do it justice!

Donna L (nl) wrote: What a horrible movie. The only thing good about it are the posters. It was like they were making fun of making movies. I can't believe how this movie was horrible. lol