A black laborer turns preacher after accidentally killing a man.

In a juke joint, sharecropper Zeke falls for a beautiful dancer, Chick, but she's only setting him up for a rigged craps game. He loses $100, the money he got for the sale of his family's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hallelujah torrent reviews

Nair F (nl) wrote: Such a haunting film with very engaging performances, especially from the amazing Selma Blair

Mark H (fr) wrote: I don't get this director. Very slow set up for a sick punchline. Asano has appeared in much better.

Rod A (us) wrote: Prescient as to the pervasiveness of reality TV, Brook takes a low view of the people behind the camera. Though there are some funny slapstick moments, this film is more of a pensive, black comedy than a laugh-out-loud romp. Brooks' characters are so caniving

Alsea A (us) wrote: The kids play real nicely but it really feels like a 90's movie.

Aladygma e (ag) wrote: I'm male, but I like Andy Lau that much to have seen all his movies, and here he surprised me in big way. Great story, good acting, great!

Lucy H (gb) wrote: Fantastic documentary. Saw it at the Queer Film Fest in Vancouver a number of years back - and met the producers and stayed for the panel discussion. Was fascinating - and this story so needs to be told!

Matt H (gb) wrote: Odd sequel in name only to Whispering Corridors. I loved the cast and characters, but it is needlessly confusing.

Bradford D (it) wrote: This film compares favorably to Casablanca. It is a well-executed romantic melodrama set against a WWII backdrop. Erika Marozsan is captivating as the woman loved by too many men, and you cannot help but like Joachim Krol as he exudes charisma and level-headed thought. Gentlemen: If you want to take your special lady to a movie, but dread seeing yet another tedious, formulaic Rom-Com, then this is your answer. It is both romantic and interesting at the same time!

TheScarlatescu R (ca) wrote: interesting documentary

Ola G (it) wrote: A young artist, Reno Miller (Abel Ferrara) slowly goes insane while struggling to pay his bills while working on his paintings, and caring for his girlfriend Carol and their roommate Pamela in their the Union Square apartment in New York. He hates his crime-infested, derelict-filled neighborhood. The punk band, The Roosters, downstairs starts to agitate him more and more with their loud music, his art dealer Dalton is demanding that he complete his big canvas painting as promised, and he gets into fights with his girlfriend. When the dealer laughs at his newly finished canvas he snaps within which leads him taking to the streets of New York after dark and randomly killing derelicts with a power drill..."The Driller Killer" is a low budget independent feature, with a cast of unknown actors, produced by Ferrara's own Navaron Films company 1977-78. It was filmed on 16mm film and utilised Ferrara's Union Square apartment and adjacent streets as locations. It features many of the elements which became trademarks of Ferrara's later films. These include Catholic iconography, lesbian scenes, gritty urban locations filmed at night, an eclectic soundtrack combining punk rock and Bach, scenes of extreme violence and a religious theme of redemption, salvation and damnation. The punk rock band in the movie reflects contemporary New York punk bands such as the New York Dolls and Television. Many cut versions of the movie still exist, which show scenes of drilling into heads and abdomens blacked-out. The uncut version of the movie does show certain parts blanked out using the colour red, most notably the final scene. The film was released theatrically in America without controversy in 1979. In the United Kingdom, however, the reaction to the video release was very different. In 1982, the UK distributors of "The Driller Killer", Vipco (Video Instant Picture Company) took out full page advertisements in a number of movie magazines showing the video's violently explicit cover, depicting a man being drilled through the forehead by the Driller Killer. The tagline for the advertising and video box was : "There are those who kill violently." The advertising resulted in a large number of complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency, and opposition to the film from the press and elsewhere; however, it seems that very few of the complainants ever actually saw the film but rather based their opinion on the poster and the shocking title of the film. The film was lumped together with other "video nasties" released at the time and a vociferous campaign was launched by the press to ban them all. "The Driller Killer" was added to the list of banned UK films on 4 July 1983, just a year after its release date. According to Mike Bor, the Principal Examiner at the British Board of Film Classification, "The Driller Killer" was almost single-handedly responsible for the Video Recordings Act 1984" under which it and others of the "video nasties" released at the time were banned in the U.K. According to Brad Stevens, author of a biography on Abel Ferrara, the banning of the film was "almost entirely due to the cover of the video." The movie was not officially released uncut in the UK until 2002."The Driller Killer" is poorly shot (reflecting its miniscule budget) and the acting leaves a lot to wish for. As one of the most infamous video nasties, I reckon this is still some sort of must see to build your own opinion about it. With such a name and with a violently explicit moviecover I can understand the controversy and banning in one hand, but this is at the same time no more violent than any other horror film. I reckon it comes down to the weapon of choice instead that sparked the raised voices. The problem is as well that the narrative/scenes is/are scattered and confusing at times. Maybe due to the fact that the movie wasnt shot during the same timeframe. The dialogue is dodgy and the violence is so so convincing. But, the weird and dark vibe in the movie works for a horror movie of this standard. Abel Ferraras character Reno becomes some sort of judge/jury/executioner and a selfappointed "cleaner" of the supposed "filth" in NYC and thus carries a kinship with for example "The Taxi Driver". I reckon a comment on how NYC was at the time and a wish for a change from Ferraras point of view. This sort of horror B-movie is not really my thing as I have pointed out many times before, but I was still keen on seeing this. However, my biggest enjoyment was The Roosters and their twangy punkrock in the movie. A true feeling of NYC in 1979.

Peter D (us) wrote: This film set in feudal Japan is nothing short of astonishing. The film brings important themes of humanity and suffering out in the open. To me it brings up important questions and themes such as the overwhelming cruelty of mankind and.:Is mankind born to suffer?Are women fated to suffer for the follies of men?The World of men will destroy itself without the cruel nature of humanity as a whole changing.Those who are resigned to a cruel fate become cruel themselves.The purpose of torture and dehumanization is to destroy individuality and force humans to become little more than empty husks built for work.And of course the main theme of this beautiful and affecting film " Without mercy man is no better than a beast.I subtext on this film offers arguments against the death penalty and such as inhumane and I believe this relevant to today as the Japan and the U.S are the only wealthy countries that death penalty laws are still active in. Overall I believe this film is made to show the follies and cruelty of mankind as a whole and that is shown best by the titular character who seems to be symbol of cruelty himself. The film as a whole is a profound work of greatness and I believe I will like it even more on subsequent viewings.

Fran W (es) wrote: Good film. A little hard to follow at the start and seems to drag a little. It really gets going after all the main characters are identified and established in their roles enough for the audience to understand them. The suspense then grows exponentially and packs a punch at the end.

Tuomas R (de) wrote: Sivistyaukkojen paikkailua... Aikansa tuote joka ei lopussa en oikein kunnolla saa jnnityst aikaiseksi. Osittain kmpeln sotaproseduurien kuvauksen takia. Alkupuolisko toimii ja ymmrtkseni leffan hakkerointi on aika aidosti kuvattu. Nuoressa Matthew Broderickissa on kyll jotain rsyttv vaikka tss hn ei ole lheskn Ferris Buellerin kaltainen sosiopaatti mutta silti taas sellainen muka-fiksu tyhjntoimittaja joka ei vlit tekojensa seurauksista. *** /5