Hallin Janne

Hallin Janne


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   jealousy,   fight,  

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Christopher E (it) wrote: "The Kings of Summer" is one of the most underrated indie movies of 2013, and not only does it supply a wealth of comedy and fun, but manages to make something so simple, so enjoyable. "The Kings of Summer" is a coming of age story that follows three friends, whom on their own free will, decide to build a house in the middle of the woods to use as an escape from their hectic lives. Through this crazy idea, friendships will be solidified and relationships will be tested, but it's a feel good movie that will make you smile throughout.A small budget, limited release film released in 2013, "The Kings of Summer" is one of the best coming of age stories of the year. I want to say that the thing I love the most is the simplicity of the movie. It knows exactly what it is, and yet it doesn't over exaggerate it's premise. I really do love the premise of the film, and it executes in an efficient manner, leaving little to be desired by the time the credits rolled. It's a fulfilling movie, as puzzling as its story is, but manages to make you leave the theater smiling.The actors make the movie feel fun, even if the supporting cast is overly cartoony at times. The main trio here is gold, as Nick Robinson does a good job leading the film. Gabriel Basso and Moises Arias are great supporting actors, and Nick Offerman fills in the parent role very nicely. My favorite one is definitely Moises Arias, who was one of the standouts. Although his character isn't the most original character ever created, he manages to blend the tone of comedy within the movie and provide plenty of comedic moments. Some of the other supporting characters were often made out to be overly cartoonish, which means they were often over exaggerated within their roles and felt a little too fake. I understand that it had to fit in with the tone of the film, but it often made things a bit awkward.The pacing was also suitable, as the movie manages to keep its run time short. At around an hour and 30 minutes, this film moves along nicely, and doesn't waste to much time on unnecessary plot points and moments. It puts forth an effort to keep the story moving along, even at the expense of clearing up some misconception in certain moments. For the most part, I was fine with that, as it often let you decipher the deeper meaning for yourself.The movie also did a great job with its camerawork and the directing. They constantly used nature as their background, and never resorted to awkward shots. The movie looked great and the director knew the exact tone of the film. The budget was utilized to the max, and it's often a common attribute in intelligent, small productions.The movie also had a great amount of comedy that had me chuckling. None of the comedy relied on toilet humor, and even when the jokes seemingly got out of hand, they addressed the situation and made sure they knew what kind of jokes they were writing. They were able to maintain the situation, and were able to make you laugh along with them. There were plenty of moments I will remember in this movie, and I can say I had some solid laughs throughout.In the end, "The Kings of Summer" will have you smiling and laughing, while providing some thoughtful writing and a great direction. I actually loved watching this movie, and it's probably one of the most underrated indie films of 2013. I highly recommend this to anyone, especially those who just need to smile a little bit, or a lot.

Supes S (mx) wrote: As a huge LEGO fan, this is an entertaining film for me. Not only it's a fun animated film, it also gives us great moral values on letting go off the past, having power, and overall a good message.Beautiful animation, stellar voice acting, and entertaining plot. Definitely worth watching it over and over again.

Corey M (es) wrote: I would have given it a full four stars but there was just something off with the flow or something. I dunno I just didn't feel at eaze with the movie. It was a really neat story line. Sometimes maybe trying to be a bit too "arty". Not a picker uper but some hope.

Cody B (it) wrote: Beautifully sparse and grim.

Andrew S (ru) wrote: Jack slowly begins to suspect that something is missing from his glitz and glamour life. After enrolling in a journal-writing class in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of his feelings, the man who has it all is shocked to learn that his wife Nina (Rebecca Romijn) has entered into a heated affair with his biggest client. Though at first Jack takes solace in the fact that he is able to express his inner pain through his writing, his entire future is brought into question when ambitious journalist Barbi (Bai Ling) steals his diary in hopes of landing the year's biggest scoop. Not only does the diary contain sensitive personal information, but crucial information about his high-profile clients as well. Now, as Jack fights against insurmountable odds just to hold his life together, the man who once placed priority on power and material possessions realizes that the only path to true happiness is by spending precious time with family.

Daniel J (mx) wrote: This movie got game!

Megan N (br) wrote: This movie is all-around solid. A great story and great cast! Great feeling to it.

Miguel H (nl) wrote: Been wanting to see this movie for a long time, and tonight is the night, so good so far....

Kyle M (ru) wrote: A chick flick with a good heart, energized by the nice performances of the trio, including Julia Roberts' debut in her typical style (next to Matt Damon's brief debut). (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Orlok W (us) wrote: Innovative and enchanting adaptation of this well-loved Fairy-Tale--A Very RARE Gem of an animation!!

Cassandra M (ru) wrote: Back in the Seventies, mainstream audiences still reeling from the one-two punch of Shaft and Superfly were subjected to a barrage of ghetto avengers - Black Caesar, Willie Dynamite, The Candy Tangerine Man and the rest - all covering depressingly familiar terrain. Black writer Max Julien (also an actor, playing the lead role in the pimpsploitation classic The Mack) offered AiP his script for a female alternative but passed. Warner was quick to snatch up the rights, and in 1973 foisted the first black superchick onto the American public: Cleopatra Jones.The film opens with a blazing opium field somewhere in Turkey. Cleo Jones, hap-ki-do expert and international do-gooder, returns to America to report on her success as a 'special agent' in her one-woman war on dope. Lesbian drug baroness Mommy (Shelley Winters, fresh from Corman's Bloody Mama) is furious her poppy fields were torched, and threatens an all-out war between the Brothers and the Mothers. One of Mommy's uppity underlings, Doodlebug (Antonio Fargas, best remembered as Huggy Bear in Starsky And Hutch) is getting rich off stealing Mommy's coke, and provides a cautionary moral aside warning against living as a White Man's flunky (Cleo points to Doodlebug's white chauffeur, and asks "What next - two white jockeys on the lawn?"). With a "whacka-whacka" superfunk guitar in the background, Cleo does her chop-sockey routine on the coke dealers and crooked cops, and kicks Shelley Winters' portly ass for her wild overacting in the final showdown. Tamara Dobson as Cleo Jones reportedly stood 6"2, and that doesn't include what must've been the BIGGEST afro in the business! Despite her physical prowess, the script doesn't give Cleo any real motive for her cartoon crusade (unlike the later Coffy and Foxy Brown) and reduces her to a smug self-satisfied cardboard cutout. Add the sloppy direction by Jack Starrett and you get a surprisingly poor release by a major studio.

Taylor R (jp) wrote: This movie touchs my heart everytime I watch it

Ben L (es) wrote: Mr. Nobody starts in the year 2092, where an old man reflects on the life he lived. However, over the course of the film we see no less than 3 potential lives he lived. That's the puzzle of this movie, it is about how our lives could be different if we had made slightly different choices, but which one actually happened? Jared Leto plays the adult version of Nemo Nobody, which is well-acted with some different personality traits in each scene depending on which life his character experienced. They also cast some brilliant young actors who mirrored Leto's performances. The one problem I had with the performance was just the old-age makeup which I found to be pretty bad. If they were able to cast young actors who were that good, I would think a good old actor would probably be a solid idea as well. This is one of those indie movies with an almost supernatural plot-line which they never feel the need to explain or justify. It always bugs me when I finish a film and my first move is to head to Google in order to find out what happened in the movie I just watched. It's a very particular style of film that some people will love, but I just never enjoy them as much as I'd like. During the flashback scenes where we see how his life might have turned out I was fully invested, and I loved how they traced those different realities back to a single event that started the branching effect of his different lives. In fact I quite love movies where we see how different life can be when we make different decisions, but I just wanted a concrete answer at the end. I wanted to know what really happened, instead of having an open-ended conclusion with a deeper existential meaning that I don't comprehend. As a result, Mr. Nobody is just OK, and not a film I will recommend to others.

Jorge G (ru) wrote: RESIDENT EVIL - DEGENERACIONEste suceso ocurre siete aos despus del suceso en Raccon City. El virus T se sigue propagando pero umbrella esta llegando a su fin. Sin embargo una nueva corporacion quiere hacer del virus para continuar con experimentos en animales y humanos. Leon miembro de una organizacion anti-bioterrorista es enviando para eliminar toda amenaza y en su camino se vuelve a encontrar con Claire y juntos, lograran una vez mas, sobrevivir a este nueva amenaza de umbrella

Anthony L (ru) wrote: A great tale of betrayl and false friendships. On the surface, The Set Up may seem like a normal boxing film but once you watch it, you find out it's much more than that. The acting is good although I had never heard of Robert Ryan before this film. Favorite Scene: When Stoker comes back to win the match.

Daniel G (br) wrote: This is an awfully depressing movie. I guess that a movie that can make you feel any certain way should be considered a successful movie, but it's not exactly my cup of tea.

Chester Q (ru) wrote: i think this is not a very bad movie..

Maruf H (ag) wrote: Despite the five leads having great natural chemistry and the obligatory creepy doll girl being successfully creepy, the film moves from scare to scare with an ending that is drawn out too long.