On her 13th birthday, Marnie learns she's a witch, discovers a secret portal, and is transported to Halloweentown — a magical place where ghosts and ghouls, witches and werewolves live apart from the human world. But she soon finds herself battling wicked warlocks, evil curses, and endless surprises.

A young woman discovers that she, like her ancestors, is a witch. Using her newfound powers, she takes on the evil being that has been tormenting her family for ages. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Halloweentown torrent reviews

Boots M (kr) wrote: I actually created an account solely to review this movie. no stars. I was expecting a good campy exploitation film. The title should have been, NUNS GET RAPED...ALOT. I MEAN REALLY ALOT. there was not enough blood shed and way too much rape. Even the Action sequences were poorly done. I had such high hopes for this movie based on the title and it seems its only redeeming quality is that everyone dies.

James H (jp) wrote: 3.5/10. It took two directors to make this movie so boring?! Painfully slow moving, it lacks focus and and excitement. Even Sissy Spacek can't save this one.

Jos G (fr) wrote: Opera prima de Guillermo Fesser (gomaespuma). De lo mejor que he visto ltimamente en el cine.

Apurba S (fr) wrote: Watch it for the soul of the movie - Maggie Gyllenhaal...

Steven S (mx) wrote: Surprisingly good film, fantastic air-to-air dogfight footage , best i've ever seen. Worth it for that alone! Even a film you can watch wit the Missus with a bit of love interest to keep 'er indoors awake...So good, i bought it...

Paul G (kr) wrote: Very entertaining film from Meadows, largely improvised and with both feet firmly planted in his working class roots. A comedic viewing experience which is suddenly replaced by shock later on. Considines best performance so far, such a shame that despite good work since hes rested on his laurels somewhat and did very little else as edgy or far out (except Dead Mans Shoes).

Zaw M (nl) wrote: It's been a long time that I haven't revisited Police Story franchise. Wow! My Lord! Supercop is not only a great action movie but also a great addition to the Police Story franchise. I think Police Story franchise might be the most underrated and the most under-appreciated movie franchise of all time. Because the first one is freaking awesome, PS2 is not as good as the first one but still great, and now PS3: Supercop is also brilliant. I not even mentioning about my favourite one - "New Police Story" which is 5th in the franchise. Supercop is a great action movie filled with comedy, amazing martial arts, and superbly choreographed stunts. I love Supercop so much.

Carlos M (br) wrote: Like other crass comedies of the '80s about freshmen dying to have sex in college, this movie is obviously supposed to be funny, but the problem is that it is only stupid (not hilarious stupid, just stupid), which is a pity considering its nice message against discrimination.

David A (kr) wrote: Not exactly laugh-out-loud funny throughout, but the general nonchalant tone of the movie (given the premise) is kind of endearing.

MF J (de) wrote: Peter Jackson retell the story of this giant ape trapped on a mysterious island and being brought back to the main land by a film crew. It's fast, well written, no dead time, great CGI & special effects. The cast is really great and the film a great success... in my opinion better than the 1933 original but if i say that some people might skin me alive, so keep it for yourself.

Anthony I (mx) wrote: Riveting in its attempts to make audiences completely uncomfortable. Heavy Traffic is brutally, unapologetically gritty. But beside all of that, you have a deep, emotional personal project by Ralph Bakshi. It's animation in its most socially poignant form. It's a work of art.

Spencer S (us) wrote: So...I found out that this film exists; for some reason. It's not why the film actually exists that bugs me, because it works well as an educational tool for the general public, and shows us what happens at the Disney animation studios. No, what remains baffling is why they chose to make the film in this way. It could have been a quick documentary, but instead they decided to slap together a mlange of several different shorts, live-action footage, and a weird ending that supposedly remains the eponymous start to the film. It's just an odd kind of gem that Disney can still look to now that their projects are becoming less innocent over time. The film starts with radio personality Robert Benchley and his wife discussing a book their nephew wrote, which she wants to be made into an animated short. Benchley doesn't want to, but is forced into taking a meeting with Walt Disney himself. While being rallied around the studio by a Nazi youth looking assistant, Benchley slips away and explores the studio himself. We get to see different frames being put together to make a film, much like a flip book, sound effects for a short about a train, the coloring for another with Daffy Duck, (which includes voice actor Clarence Nash in all his splendor) and another short with Goofy. Benchley is always in wonder when he sees something new, and though most of the technology is dumbed down for the audience, and the environment is definitely more family friendly than in reality, it was nice to see these forties' staples onscreen. The ending contains the short, which was made while Benchley was supposedly wandering around the studio for forty minutes. The short itself is horrible. The dragon is an effeminate stereotype of a fop, who doesn't want to fight, yet pretends to with a knight so the knight can seem powerful, and all the villagers will think the dragon is tamed. Nothing entertaining about it, and the insensitivity exhibited by Disney yet again was not appreciated. Otherwise it's a cute little movie about the wonders of animation, which even kids nowadays can watch with a sense of wonder.

Angelina C (ru) wrote: one of my all time faves!! Watch it over n over and never got bored. Its a charming romantic story that was delivered so well by Cybil shepard and a very boyish charmer, Robert Downey Jr. Also a great song "After All" sung by Cher and Peter Cetera

Dave B (us) wrote: I don't know who or what hypnotized me into it, but I'm actually interested in seeing this... and it's obviously a conspiracy, since I hate romantic comedies, Hugh Grant (outside of Lair of the White worm) and Drew Barrymore (outside of her Playboy spread)

Russell H (ag) wrote: some funny parts. gets a second star for Carl Winslow.