Story of a little girl who is searching for her lost puppy in the streets of Bombay and the variety of people that she meets.

The story revolves around a seven-year-old girl, Sasha (Benaf Dadachandji), who looses her puppy. It is about her search and the variety of people she meets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elric N (au) wrote: not a good story. not real point by the end...

Abdel T (au) wrote: One of the best 2012 film. Saw it yesterday while stuck in Boston Logan airport"The Other Son" is the moving and provocative tale of two young men -- one Israeli, the other Palestinian -- who discover they were accidentally switched at birth, and the complex repercussions facing them and their respective families

3568 C (nl) wrote: Shia Lebeouf and Channing Tatum are two of the most annoying douchebags in Hollywood.. and both turn in Oscar worthy performances. Coincidentally, Chazz Palmentari turns in a typically stellar performance as well.

Ernst W (it) wrote: Quiet decent film. Don't expect to many erotic gay scene from here. They are soulmate!

Dan H (br) wrote: It was ok, surprised how highly rated it was.

Ben H (ag) wrote: Not as good as other Hip Hop stories such as 8 Mile or Notorious, but was interesting without a lot of good acting or big names

Latanya C (br) wrote: Monica Russo: If Joey Coyle has a $100 bill. You can assure that it's his last $100 bill.

Fabs S (ag) wrote: This masterpiece show us the war's aftermaths and how innocent life get highly affected from it, hartbreaking and strongly raccomended.

Li K (it) wrote: One of the few movies in my life where I got too grossed out to continue and turned it off.