Halo 4 Movie: Reclaimer Trilogy Part 1 - Awakening

Halo 4 Movie: Reclaimer Trilogy Part 1 - Awakening

This is a FAN made film. Created using clips from all the Halo series, to allow someone who has never played any of the games to watch and understand the cinema scenes from Halo4 as though ...

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This is a FAN made film. Created using clips from all the Halo series, to allow someone who has never played any of the games to watch and understand the cinema scenes from Halo4 as though ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Halo 4 Movie: Reclaimer Trilogy Part 1 - Awakening torrent reviews

Chloe H (us) wrote: Really slow start but as the movie progressed it slowly got better but then just as thing start to happen (Jenny gets into a relationship and nearly burns down a house {literally])m the movie end. Really weird ending. :/Not a bad movie but not really a good one either.

Fawn O (au) wrote: Featuring a tangy female pairing, "Baby Mama" is a rather smart and digestible spin on your typical romantic comedy; the hilariously dead-pan, uptight, career driven Tina Fey with the crude and unrestrained working class embodied by a spunky Amy Poehler. Of course, opposites attract, shenanigans ensue,and there's much emotional bonding to be had, but ultimately lessons are learned and it is in the deliverance that this film managed to come out ahead. C+ [60%]

Erika Y (ca) wrote: Buena musica, y el final?

Rebecca L (ca) wrote: One of my favorite Cantonese comedies

Private U (ru) wrote: Great story and great acting. Laurence Fishburne is at his best in this movie.

MiYon R (us) wrote: Michael Laemle (Bryan Madorsky) and his parents (Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt) move to Massachusetts where they quickly set up the perfect suburban life. His father, Nick, secures a well paying job at Toxico and his mother, Lily, is the consummate housewife who spends most of her time in the kitchen. From the outside, they're living the American dream but something sinister lurks behind their doors - Michael's parents.He's befriended by Sheila, his father's boss's daughter. He confides in her about his strict father but can never find the right words to voice his other fear about the source of the meat he avoids at every meal. He's equally as hesitant to open up to the school counselor (Sandy Dennis), a free-spirited social worker who's honed in on his perceptive yet odd nature. The stronger his curiosity grows, the worse his nightmares become. Where exactly is the mystery meat coming from?Although billed as a dark comedy, I failed to see any humor in the story. This is a bleak, deranged, horrific cannibalism tale but also a playful satire on the facades put on by human monsters, ones that could very well be tucking you in at night. Don't let the visual horror distract you from the underlying message of Parents.Randy Quaid aces his character with such perfection, you'll squirm with uneasiness every time he has a confrontation with Michael. Mary Beth Hurt is the polar opposite as the sweet, doting mother and she too nails it. Bryan Madorsky's performance as the intuitive and very aware Michael is thankfully subtle, as it should be. The set designs, the clothing and hair styles, and golden oldies like "Chantilly Lace" and "Purple People Eater" will have you believing you're in the 1950s with the characters. You'll either love or hate Angelo Badalamenti's orchestral score, as he has a distinctive eerie sound to his compositions.The gore and violence are minimal and the scares are more of the lingering kind, like the lump in your throat that gets bigger and bigger and when the time comes to scream, you can't. Every horror fan should see this. It bombed at the box office back in 1989 (budget of $3 million with a measly $870,532 in gross profits) but it's gained a cult following with many of its most recent reviewers rating Parents at the highest level. I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a masterpiece or brilliant horror but it's definitely one to watch.Parents, do not ever, ever, ever let your child see this movie unless you want your little one scarred for life.

Dan B (us) wrote: Arguably one of the Seventiest of Seventies movies, all guts and steel and murky politics. The three leads are on top form ?? Pryor leaves you wishing he??d had more straight roles, while Yaphet Koto??s performance reminds you what a fine actor he was in this period. It??s not exactly subtle, but it??s remarkable to revisit a time when (relatively) mainstream cinema actually offered films like this. The closest you??ll come now is Season Two of The Wire.

Nolan M (au) wrote: John Wayne's best movie ever!

David G (nl) wrote: Although most of the film is completely implausible, the movie itself is just so much fun to watch!

Arun K (jp) wrote: Robert Downey Jr. lives Iron Man - maybe the comic character was simply made for him. Amazing start from the Marvel universe with great humor, action and a good story arc.

Collin R (es) wrote: What a waste of a great story idea. The concept was so promising. The beginning so enticing. Then about the time of the "kidnapping" the story fell apart and nary a laugh to be found. No payoff here. Skip it.

YoWasBombed 5 (gb) wrote: Amazing. It makes the book come alive in an enlightening way, though missing some details. This is one movie I'll never forget.

Brett D (au) wrote: A pretty epic little thriller mixed with some alien tie ins from the Cloverfield movie of 2008. works as an intelligent stand alone thriller. John Goodman is outstanding. definitely a launch for a rejig of what could be a great franchise. The Verdict: 10 our of 10 Cloverfield Lane

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Halo 4 Movie: Reclaimer Trilogy Part 1 - Awakening torrent

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