Hälsoresan - En smal film av stor vikt

Hälsoresan - En smal film av stor vikt

Stig-Helmer has returned to Sweden after the divorce from Fiona, and lives a sad and stagnant life in front of the television. As usual his enthusiastic and energetic friend Ole knows how ...

The film is about the health resort Granhedsgården in Dalarna, Sweden, and they have a problem. They don't have many guests at all and something must be done. At the same time, Stig-Helmer is a little depressed after his girlfriend has left him, and so he lives on junk food. His best friend Ole invites him to come along to the health resort Granhedsgården. Now, the craziness begins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob L (kr) wrote: Another one of 2012's best films, the story concerns a youth who had made the transition - via a manslaughter charge - from an orphanage to a juvenile detention centre and then on to a mortuary, albeit as an active participant rather than an 'inmate'.The story presents a gloomy portrait of a wintry Austria but never ceases to hold the attention - gradually the surliness of Roman Kogler lifts to reveal a thoughtfulness not seen at the beginning. Introspective for sure but a fascinatting movie that provides an insight into the modern youth penal system.

Jenn T (gb) wrote: For some reason I really liked the acting, especially for such a low budget flick.

Shane W (nl) wrote: A relatively weak story limply gravitating around Day-Lewis's incredible performance.

Kevin G (es) wrote: Half star goes to a mailman (is it a mailman? Scott? Chris?) gets killed by a toy remote controlled car. First, you think there's no way that car can leave the toy store... but don't fret, it uses a ramp and busts through a glass door. I've said too much, rent this. Other star goes to being entertained. Rent Duel for a better time.

Adrian B (fr) wrote: Cult classic that introduced the world to Russell Crowe. Better the first time I watched it but there's hardly any better movie out in this particular genre

Ryan C (br) wrote: Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, and Out for Justice are the original 4 Steven Seagal movies and I always put them in a quadrilogy. I love all 4 of these movies and there all perfection and masterpieces. This is the one that started it all and Seagal's first onscreen appearance. It's got great action, great plot and a heck of a debut for Segal!!! It's just great.

Philip D (kr) wrote: I think I first saw this with my mom at the movies when I was around 10. At the time I thought it was pretty decent only because I was expecting some lame-ass romance flick up until WEBSTER's dad is killed. Then I was pretty much glued. Thanks to the crackerjack reporting of Entertainment Tonight in 1984, I'd found out that this was a remake of an old movie that hadn't had the sense to use color. Since then, my cinema IQ cranked up and realized what a superficial piece of shit this flick is. Yeah, there's a crime story in here somewhere, but the bulk is just a dull film with no real sense of urgency. Too much of the movie is how to shoot pretty people with pretty things in pretty places and never really landing on a solid dramatic point while it certainly tries and tries way too hard. In the end, I'm not sure what the point of this flick was. It's not overly sexed as I remember the controversy of the time, so that doesn't sell. The pacing is all over the place as if there are different kinds of movies in mind at the development table at Columbia. In some ways, if this was re-edited into a lean 85-minute noir, you might have something at the minimum of at least entertaining. Or say fuck it all, save yourself and watch F/X or SLAM DANCE.

Kenneth K (ru) wrote: Very interesting to see, how the present day communist rule forced the young tarkovsky to focus on, what was possible to say. And still say something relevant. Here: That the boy (master) had no real inclinations to change place with the steamroller driver (the servant), once he realised the power he could wield with his violin.

Mark S (de) wrote: This looks great and his its moments but the plot is a bit too contrived for my liking.