Halu Jenu

Halu Jenu

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1982
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Halu Jenu torrent reviews

Kristen P (nl) wrote: I'm so happy India is making films like this. Juhi Chawla is amazing.

Supes S (br) wrote: The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of those movies that you can watch a hundred times and still be astonished on how beautifully crafted the movie is and how incredible and creative, the storytelling is. Remarkable!

Hytham E (au) wrote: The bad reviews are right!

MoJai M (de) wrote: This huge hit is often hard to resist, such is the charm of the central relationship, and of Omar Sy's portrayal of Driss. If I was less heartless, I would've fully embraced it, arms open. Not so. This is a perfectly watchable piece of Oscar-bait, slathered in cheese and not much else, though it doesn't seem to mind one bit, zipping along with crowd-pleasing song choices and continually picking the low-hanging fruit. This is, not so stealthily, engineered for maximum audience enjoyment, with any sort of edge or grit purely at surface level, leaving a rich person's detached view of the banlieues. Most problematically for me, however, is this film's sincere lack of subtlety, with each joke, emotional beat and swelling moment just a little too facile.This is a film devoid of nuance, though I guess that's not always a bad thing. I must concede that I chuckled and came close to feeling some of the emotions I knew I was supposed to feel. Looking back, I feel manipulated and cheated by Untouchable, and this memory only sours when you think back to some light racial stereotyping and dodgy sexual politics. I'm no liar, however, so I must conclude that this was a thoroughly entertaining watch whilst it lasted, just not a heavyweight picture of any significance beyond its astounding box-office success.

Lisa W (ru) wrote: We loved this. Critics didn't. But who cares what critics think.

Johann M (ag) wrote: This 2007 film is an astonishing incredibly sad drama about a young girl who separates a couple from a lovely future by lying about a crime he did not commit and her attempts throughout her life to seek redemption. A beautifully adapted tale with an Academy Award-winner breathtaking score.

Michael G (ca) wrote: Terribly disappointing.

Michael S (au) wrote: Predictable and dated action flick about a military helicopter. There are a few moments where you think it's going to address voyeurism (a la "Rear Window"), but those moments are fleeting.

Chad R (us) wrote: Still think this is a decent movie. Good ol Disney provides a movie about a talking, telekinetic Cat from outerspace? Cute and kinda funny, kids should still like this movie today. I sure did when i was little.

John B (de) wrote: This early Burt Lancaster piece is an underrated classic. I don't understand the G rating but the strong performances make it a fantastic tour de force.

Dinesh B (kr) wrote: Sensational Masterpiece from Billy Bob!

Mohammed A (au) wrote: Not good movie to watch

Grayson W (es) wrote: Had potential but was fairly uneventful