Two close friends, Yash and Raja, share a passion for cars and beautiful women. Both come from different backgrounds, while Yash is wealthy, Raja comes from a poor family. Raja meets with Reshma, who is attending a nearby college, and falls in love with her. Reshma eventually also falls in love with him. When Yash meets Reshma, he also instantly falls in love with her. When Yash finds out that Reshma loves Raja, he has both of them tragically separated.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:reincarnation,  

Raja (Saif Ali Khan) and Yash Vardhan (Aditya Pancholi) are childhood friends. Though they come from different backgrounds, Raja being poor and Yash being wealthy, they treat each other as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hameshaa torrent reviews

Coady M (nl) wrote: wow thas some bad movie

Mickael R (nl) wrote: Such a waste of time!!!

Isla B (ca) wrote: Talk about fecking 'slow burning'.

Doug K (gb) wrote: I don't understand all the horrible reviews. Yes, it is an 'unromantic' comedy. Is that why everyone hates it? Get over it people...it's just a movie. Both my wife and I still laugh out loud when we see it. Maybe it wasn't worth a trip to the theater back when it came out (for some), but rent it or look for it on cable if you get a chance.

Rodney E (de) wrote: Another post-Nightmare on Elm Street Wes Craven dud. The video box was definitely freakier (not the lame image on here!). About the only cool thing in this is Anne Ramsay getting the basketball to the head death. Annoying robot, lame plot, and pathetic suspense.

Movie K (it) wrote: Another early action movie of Stephen Show. Still a small role. Stephen Chow is a small time car thief working for Shing Fui-On. Danny Lee is a cop who doesn't follow rules. A new inspector who is by the rule isn't happy he didn't report to office for a week. Danny is on a gang of motorbike thieves and nail them. But the inspector isn't impress. While out patrol, Danny see Stephen been fishy. He just stole a car for Shing. Danny check the car to be stolen. He nab him back. The baddies rob a gambling joint, use the car for escape. Danny saw the car at scene again. The baddies buy more guns. Inspector want to press all charges against Stephen. Danny bring Stephen out and want him to lead to the baddies. He want to go alone first but go to another building by rooftop to the baddies. Danny follow behind and saw. They left their hideout. The gang from the joint approach the baddies but wasn't their match as baddies have machine guns. Stephen warn Danny not to go out. The Inspector remove Danny off the case. During the gunfight, Shing pass a gun to Stephen. Now he is been charge for murder. Stephen bring Danny to a whore house to find the other 2. They manage to run away and meet Shing. One of them is dead from Danny's shot. Danny and Stephen go to disco. Danny go make a phone call and the baddies got Stephen. They give him a beating and want him to get a car. Inspector find out Stephen is gone out of cell. Stephen got the call from Shing. 2 baddies rob the rich man in his office. Danny follow Stephen to the location and call backup. Inspector found out and arrive at scene. The baddie outside throw away his guns. Shing and the other got the money and come down. They escape from the gunfight. Shing hold Stephen hostage. Inspector shoot Stephen saying he is also with them. All cops shoot Shing dead. Left one more and Inspector dare not go out. Danny daring to go and subdue him. Stephen didn't die as he wear the bulletproof vest of Danny.

Brian M (es) wrote: One of the funniest music movies ever. It has as many, if not more, inside jokes/parodies for music fans as Spinal Tap. About a character who parodies Bill Graham owning a theater that parodies the Fillmore, parodies of several musicians, a parody of a blues musician's funeral, a parody of The Grateful Dead, an appearance and great performance by Lee Ving, an acting debut (and I think the only acting performance) of John Densmore of The Doors, Lou Reed parodying Bob Dylan, a great soundtrack, scenes that any roadie can appreciate. If you're a music nerd or a roadie I highly recommend this movie.

Weul S (it) wrote: An aging number-runner in love with his croupier-in-training neighbor makes a quick buck from her estranged drug pushing husband, so long as the rightful owners of the drugs don't kill them all first. This film is well-constructed, beautifully acted, & wholly forgettable.

James C (us) wrote: This series of films is an absolutely astonishing epic. Full of bastard bad guys and blood soaked retribution. Banned (in UK), until recently, for its graphic presentation. It tells the story of the Shogun's (Eq. of King) executioner betrayed by a rival clan jealous of his position, and his quest for vengence. Hurrah!

Esteban D (us) wrote: An excelent option, refreshing and something new about krysten, really like it.

Andrey B (de) wrote: It has very poorly crafted sides and at the same time some good moments, such as the mystic atmosphere and the very spectacular fight vs Reptile.