Hamlet Goes Business

Hamlet Goes Business

A bizarre black-and-white film noir reworking of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

A bizarre black-and-white film noir reworking of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'. After the death of his father, young Hamlet inherits a seat on the board of a company controlled by his uncle that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad M (de) wrote: I very much liked it. The acting is of the highest standard.

Bob P (ca) wrote: Couldn't recommend this enough. It is heart-warming and entirely poignant. At it's very best, this is how anime should feel.

Ryan G (it) wrote: Great Jack Ryan installment.

John T (ru) wrote: This was pretty stupid, but funny. It's about a bunch of pranksters who just want to have a good time at a ski resort.

Dann M (gb) wrote: It's a Christmas miracle! The great white shark comes after the Brodys for Christmas in Jaws: The Revenge, and this time it's personal. When her youngest son is killed by a shark Ellen Brody decides to leave Amity and spend the holidays with her elder son's family in the Bahamas, but her psychic link to the shark draws him there before long; and he proceeds to stalk after her and her son. The plot is ridiculous and Lorraine Gray is terrible (but part of this is the writing). However, Lance Guest delivers a strong performance, and Michael Caine brings a nice levity to the film. Also, the shark effects aren't that bad, though there's no real menace or sense of terror to him (as he's really only after the Brodys and whoever gets in the way). For a B-horror movie, Jaws: The Revenge is alright and a slight step up from part 3; but it's not good and an absolute travesty compared to the original.

mu s (it) wrote: a nice one i have just watched it today

Calum B (de) wrote: Sid Boggle (Sid James) and his friend Bernie Lugg (Bernard Bresslaw) hatch a plan to take their girlfriends, Joan Fussey (Joan Sims) and Anthea Meeks (Dilys Laye), to a nudist campsite called Paradise. However, when they get there it's not the paradise they envisaged, full of odd balls and bad British weather, things only perk up when a coach load of girls turn up. Trouble is, the guys must get shot of their girlfriends first.Oddly, Carry On Camping is a film that is revered by the series fans yet frowned upon by critics. Plot wise I'm inclined to agree with the critics, it's as basic as can be and is nothing other than a series of vignettes weaved together to create a lurid camping based holiday film. Tis true, but hell the comedy is good here, smutty and awash with innuendo and making the most of the double meaning of the word camping. It's also one of the series best roll calls as regards its cast, most of the big hitters are here, it's easier to just say Jim Dale and Kenneth Connor are the two notable absentees.From the sight of Barbara Windsor's bra shooting thru the air, to the hapless Terry Scott having buck shot removed from his posterior. Camping has no other intentions other than to titter the discerning Carry On fan. What often gets forgotten tho, is just what great comedy actors some of these series regulars were, witness here a sequence in a tent as Terry Scott, Charles Hawtrey and Betty Marsden attempt to get ready for bed, comedy gold. So one for fans only it seems, hooray for me then because I love Carry On Camping, always have, always will. 8/10

Robert W (gb) wrote: Eastwood-lite. It's a good movie, but not an edge-of-your-seat story. Coogan goes to New York to extradite a baddie. Overall, a movie very much of the times it was made in. I liked the motorcycle chase but, come on, what are the odds of both bikes being new Triumphs?

Richard L (de) wrote: It's an interesting movie with impressive aesthetics, but some of the special effects involving jumps are annoying and key parts of the storyline are painfully predictable.