Hotheaded laborer B.J. Hammer can't go long without ending up in a fight, and, after he comes out on top in a particularly impressive workplace scuffle, word of his brawling skills makes its way to Davis, a top boxing manager. Hammer is hired by Davis and begins a lucrative career in the ring, only to find out that his new employer wants him to throw a fight and take part in other illicit activities. Hammer reacts to this news violently, and the feud is on.

A dock worker becomes a prizefighter, but gets mixed up with a crooked manager. A sympathetic L.A. detective tries to set him straight, but he won't listen. His manager, who is also a drug dealer, tells him that he has to take a dive during an important fight, and to ensure his cooperation, his girlfriend is kidnapped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hammer torrent reviews

Juliana S (mx) wrote: Intense pace, beautiful story and visually a pleasure.

Anthony T (de) wrote: this movie is so bad

Kristofer S (ca) wrote: A very surprising and funny movie! I enjoyed this a lot!

Jesse O (ca) wrote: This is a fairly agreeable, if unimpressive, remake of The Longest Yard. The fact that the movie is a crowd pleaser, and it is an unabashed crowd pleaser at that, does not mean that this is a good film. The fact that the cons beat the guards during the climactic game, as satisfying as it once, featuring some funny lines from the commentators (easily the comedic highlight of the film), that doesn't mean that the film prior to the soccer game, which felt a little undramatic, was any good. The story is pretty much missable. You don't invest in it at any moment in time, while Vinnie Jones plays a likable type, probably for the first time in his career, and does a good job at it. He doesn't come across like he's trying too hard to be a likable guy, but you don't really care that much about the character to be honest. He's just there as plot device, to move the story forward. And, really, that's essentially what every main character is. They're a plot device to get from point A, which is the start, to point B, which is the end of the film. It's just that it's incredibly transparent in this film that that's what Danny Meehan is. His personality consists of beign a former soccer player and major celebrity that sold out his country during a match with Germany. He's fallen from grace at the beginning of the film before he ends up in prison. That's essentially all the development the character undergoes. He doesn't change, in any way, shape, or form. He's the same character at the end that he is at the beginning. I think that's probably one of the worst things a film could do. How are you supposed to care for a character when you don't seen any actual change. I suppose he learned to be selfless at the end, but that's only minimal because it's not like he was being a selfish asshole throughout most of the film. The film's highlights, outside of the commentators during the game, are Jason Statham as the Monk and...that's about it really. The movie isn't, honestly, that bad. It's just one that's content to play it safe and go the cliched route rather than try something different with a worn-out formula. It was not to be apparently. It's easier to do that than take a risk and fall flat on your face. Of course, you COULD play it safe and also fall on your face as well. But I guess distributors will take chances with films they know can be a big hit. I don't know, but it doesn't seem to me that this was that big of a film. But that's just me. Not bad, watchable enough, but you wouldn't be missing anything if you decided to skip this movie and give Dead Snow 2 a shot instead. Not fair to compare the two, but Dead Snow 2 was great. Watch that instead.

Marilee A (jp) wrote: A Funny Twist on the Mafia

Alex K (nl) wrote: This Film Did Get A ''Two Thumbs Down'' On Siskel & Ebert.

Justin M (kr) wrote: Listen, it's hard enough for me to admit that I've actually seen this. Don't force me to do a comment on it too, I beg you.

Brody M (gb) wrote: Its Gooooooooooood!!!

Joe K (jp) wrote: 911: In Plane Sight -- 8 Escape from PotA was lame as expected, so I can only imagine how bad "Battle for the PotA" will be. Spinal Tap was hilarious! 911 (which RT doesn't have to rate!) was really good. It is about how al-Qaida didn't attack the WTC, but the Gov't did! It has a lot of photographic and video evidence, and I was really surprised. I would DEFINITELY recommend it. I'm getting the Flash Gordon soundtrack from the Library soon. Not much else to say as of now, though, except that while I was writing this Ms. Egan gave me three demerits for not being on a school site (I told her "I was, uh, looking up movies."). Owned. I REALLY lost the game then. Whatever the Hell the game is. There is only one "the game" to me and it is in SnakeEater II: The Drug Buster. Daily Quotes: "It's a pope kind of thing" -- Darrell Garret "...or I'll give you a pre-mature retirement from the human race!" -- a sheriff in "Deadline Auto Theft" "Facts are stupid things." -- Ronald Reagan "I'll jolly your goods!" -- Jack Egner "Murdoch, I'm comin' to get YOU!" -- John Rambo, Rambo: First Blood Part II Those quotes should hold me over for awhile. -Joe

Roger O (au) wrote: Kunstmaleren Reno Miller, spilt av Abel Ferrara selv, sliter med f endene til mtes. Han jobber med et "mesterverk", men den antatte kjper, en gallerieier, blir ikke srlig imponert. Han ligger etter med husleien for kken han leier med kjresten og hennes lesbiske elsker. Nr punkbandet Roosters flytter inn i samme bygning begynner ting g p nervene. Reno kjper en batteridreven drill og begynner drepe uteliggere i strket. Uteliggerne er for ham et symbol for samfunnets forfall - og derfor kan de drepes. Abel Ferraras frste film er en blodig reise gjennom New Yorks bakgater. Bannlyst og en soleklar video-nasty. Det er natteliv, fortnelse, fortapelse og et urbant rtt uttrykk som mter oss. Med drper av religion, lesberi, frelse og fallera. Synd da at det egentlig ikke er handling her snakke om. Det prves vre litt Taxidriver, men kommer ikke opp mot den. Ferrara er en heller svak skuespiller og hans usympatiske karakter klarer heller ikke skape interesse eller sympati. Det hele blir for ufokusert, og forsket p si noe om New Yorks (oppegende) punkscene gjennom bandet Roosters funker bare ikke. Dessuten lter de bare sidrumpa og malplassert. Snart blir dette bare kjedelig. Drapene er som nevt ganske drye, og det spares ikke p noe. Ferrara gikk videre og gjorde bla. a. filmer som MS.45 (1981), King Of New York (1990, Bad Lieutenant (1992), ) og The Funeral (1996).

David B (ru) wrote: A fascinating version of the Arthurian legend from Robert Bresson. Arthur's knights have dwindled in numbers after the fruitless search for the Holy Grail, and Lancelot's return and resumption of his affair with Guinevere creates factions between those who remain. Lancelot du Lac will not appeal to all; the delivery from non-professional actors is (deliberately) very flat. Nevertheless, the film has a certain hypnotic quality, and Bresson's undermining of traditional chivalric imagery make for an interesting interpretation of a well-known story.

Eric B (kr) wrote: All he wanted to do is pick his watermelons, but they wouldn't let him be. This movie is epic on so many levels.

kevin o (es) wrote: I love all Of Jhons movies

Roxanne C (ca) wrote: Very freaky and gory !