Hammer Of The Gods

Hammer Of The Gods

Action epic sees a passionate young man transform into a brutal warrior as he travels the unforgiving landscape in search of his long lost brother Hakan The Ferrocious, whose people are relying on him to restore order to their kingdom.

Set in Viking Britain in 871 AD, the Vikings, under the leadership of King Bagsecg, are at war with the Saxons. A young Viking warrior, Steinar, transforms into a brutal warrior as he travels the unforgiving British landscape in search of his long lost brother Hakan The Ferrocious who his people are relying on to restore order to their kingdom following the bloody death of their king. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bud L (br) wrote: Not very good at all,very boring and kinda hard to follow

Jared F (ca) wrote: not nearly as informative as I had hoped.

Pearl I (gb) wrote: Gorgeous sets, costumes; cool period piece

Darren R (it) wrote: The biggest complaint I have is simply its sluggish first third.

Lovable S (de) wrote: Excellent christian movie

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John G (fr) wrote: Haha, deadly. This one used to be a mainstay at birthday parties back in the day. Rock on Dirt Bike Kid, rock on.

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James W (jp) wrote: Just a fantastic film.

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