Hana And Alice

Hana And Alice

Two teenage best pals attracted to the same boy end up scrambling his life after he walks into a door and is knocked unconscious.

Hana and Alice are two 15-year-old girls who have been best friends for years. When Alice develops a crush and starts dating with a boy, she also set up Hana with a friend of this boy, Miyamoto. But when Hana and Miyamoto seem to become a real couple, the bloom is off the rose for Alice and her beau and Alice finds that she's interested in Miyamoto too. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sitenoise (kr) wrote: Zhou Xun is one of the most compelling actresses working today and she grabs you right from the start in this film. She plays a young woman whose parents, intellectuals from the previous generation, have abandoned her for the most part, shuffling her off to live in near poverty with her granny and aunt. Then she's accepted into university, raising her class status momentarily, but falls in love with a truck driver, gets pregnant and her life unravels. There's subtle and deep social commentary embracing this extremely sad tale of family, love, and one woman's struggle to survive in modern China. I was very surprised by the script.

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