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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Bengali
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Hanabari torrent reviews

Sherry L (nl) wrote: There are certain points with this movie that I consider superb, (gives very much Maedchen In Uniform-vibes) while unfortunately there are flaws that are much too big to ignore. The story is set in an all-girls elite boarding school, long way off in England. The year is 1934, and the social hierarchy among the students are ever so balanced. Di (Juno Temple) is the top dog, and most importantly the very much loved and admired teacher Miss G's (Eva Green) favorite student. Miss G is running a diving team with the girls. Among the pupils are also; Lily (Ellie Nunn), Poppy (Imogen Poots), Laurel (Adele McCann), Rosie (Zoe Carroll) and Fuzzy (Clemmie Dugdale). All the girls biggest idol is Miss G, and things they do and say is all a strategy to get her regard. Miss G herself, has noticed this of course and puts loads of energy into be the best, modern female role model they could ever have. She shows Di some "forbidden" sensual books, which Di appreciates greatly. She learns the girls to be spontaneous, like running out in the middle of the night and take a lovely swim, (nude). But what the girls like the best, is to listen to all the wild, romantic and exotic adventures Miss G had experienced before she became a teacher.The world is rocked for many, but specially Di, when a new student arrives to school, Fiamma (Maria Valverde)...Fiamma is not just another girl from a rich family, who are sent to this school to become a fine, cultivated young woman.Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, Fiamma is from a very wealthy and influential family of spanish ancestry. Di, Poppy and Rosie gets envious of her beautiful clothes, expensive perfumes, ect. and they make fun of Fiamma's asthma. It soon stands clear that Fiamma is a natural born talent when it comes to diving (and many other things) and soon all of Miss G's affection is focused solely on Fiamma. Fiamma hate it at the boarding school (not very much because of the bullying) and she sees through Miss G very quickly, Fiamma who despite her young age has been around the world very much... Miss G has for some time developed an almost obsession with Fiamma, her stunning beauty, kindness, talents and amazing cultivation besides having traveled around the world...When Fiamma rejects Miss G's friendly invitations, Miss G turns her anger towards the other girls.I love the atmosphere, and social intrigues and the character developments in this movie. And above that, it's so beautifully shot! It's only the end scene (and the scene leading to it), with Fiamma, I have a hard time to swallow....To me it ruined the whole film because of it's ridiculously prevailing drama. Very soapy.Very good job anyway by director Jordan Scott! I hope she soon continues making movies!

Lisette O (es) wrote: I really like this movie

Tania H (mx) wrote: Painfully boring. At least half the stuff on youtube is more interesting than this drawn-out snoozefest.

Ben N (au) wrote: Stop pretending like you didn't laugh.

CHY BEE (it) wrote: This movie discribes me; from the aspiring singer to the boyfriend who is so talented and cannot keep a job due to bad habits.

MEC r (it) wrote: I did not really like this movie.

Cassandra M (de) wrote: Indy directors schooled in shock had two options when Hollywood stepped in and stole their thunder with bad taste comedy hits like THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and American PIE.1. Become like John Waters, lose your edge and deliver much tamer (and much more bland) stabs at the establishment or...2. Up the ante in terms of nihilistic gore, nudity, amorality, cruelty and cheap toilet gags.Lloyd Kaufman has, with this film, undoubtedly established himself as the poster boy for the latter. So possessed is this man to disgust, offend, shock and give viewers an alternative to good, decent, Speilbergian entertainment, he has whipped out a film that includes, but it certainly not limited to, dismemberment, decapitation, impalement, castration, breast mutilation, urination, scat, puking, incest, rape, child molestation, drug use, cheesy sound effects, flatulence, deformed sex organs, full nudity (male and female), a fetus ripped from a womb, soft core sex and gore-dripping overkill in any and every other possible department. I must say, that it's a hectic, erratic, messy film, but I was never once bored while watching it.Since the story takes place around the set of an independent movie (invaded by a hermaphroditic serial killer who hacks his/her way through the cast and crew in an effort to shut down the production) we also get some commentary on how the film industry works (and how it doesn't) and on the comedic virtues found in the lowest of low human behavior.All four of the leads (Will Keenan, Alyce LaTourelle, Trent Haaga and Debbie Rochon) are great. Kaufman himself also shows considerable on-screen appeal as Larry Benjamin, the aloof director of the film in question, who also happens to be blind, an idea copied by Woody Allen for his acclaimed (but apparently not all that original) film Hollywood ENDING in 2001!Fair enough to say that not everyone will be able to endure TERROR FIRMER, but be grateful someone has the audacity to slap Tinseltown in the face by beating them at their own game. The video and DVD both contain deleted scenes and outtakes and are available in uncut or R-rated versions. Watch for a cameo by SOUTH PARK creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Motorhead's Lemmy during an amusing end credit sequence.

Carolyn Carrie S (kr) wrote: I never saw this good of a performance from Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald. I have never heard of this movie. I was so impressed by it. I was surprised to see "toombs" from X-Files - CREEPY! And to see Viggo Morteson. And Ben Stiller! I was thankful for no 80's nudity. I was waiting for it. But I really hated the end. I won't give it away...but the tears in McCartney's eyes did it for me. I cried.I honestly didn't think an 80's movie could be this good and not cheesy. I mean its NOT that good. Its some what cliche'....but Andrew McCarthy did a good job. And so did Molly Ringwald. I was surprised by the story line and everything. And you will be shocked by who is in it. Why wasn't this a more popular movie. Maybe people thought it stunk?? I don't know. I cried at the end. I know so many people that need that chance. That second chance at life. Maybe that is why it got to me.

TyLynn m (jp) wrote: what kinda movie is this?


Henry W (jp) wrote: there are some pretty funny moments in this film, but overall, not that great. couldn't follow the sub plots and wasn't very attached to the characters