Hand Carved

Hand Carved

Craftsman Chester Cornett carves a rocking chair from a felled tree.

Craftsman Chester Cornett carves a rocking chair from a felled tree. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob C (de) wrote: Breathtaking visuals, poignant story, stellar performances. Dhanush is brilliant as always, and Parvathy matches him in every frame. Must see!

jason a (us) wrote: This movie was put together with like 250$

Ryan D (gb) wrote: Amazing! What a great and inspiring story!

Rami K (fr) wrote: Strong film about a true story, must see. (i know personally mohammed bakri (Nazim), great actor and director)

Evan B (de) wrote: Two stars only for the laughs. Honestly, I began to doubt that this movies was meant to be scary.

Countess N (jp) wrote: Recommended by Liesebieke.

Andrew M (es) wrote: Meet the Robinsons is surprising and intriguing. This movie is a perfect family movie. This movie teaches you to dream big because if you dream big anything can happen. I would suggest this movie.

Greg W (fr) wrote: like a female version of 'the dead poet's society' well acted, gr8 cast

Sarah M (nl) wrote: one of ma fv. movies...

Collin P (es) wrote: While far from perfect, The Ring still has a sense of dread with more than a couple chilling scenes.

Shawn M (gb) wrote: *** This review may contain spoilers ***Please note: Although it is not written in full story, some paragraphs may contain plot information that could be a spoiler."Four Rooms" is a 1995 anthology comedy film that follows Ted the Bellhop, the lone working employee, as he works New Years Eve at the Hotel Mon Signor in Los Angeles, interacting with several guests on four different rooms. The film contains four different segments, which are the rooms he visits. Each room is written and directed by a different filmmaker.Segment 1: The Honeymoon Suite - "The Missing Ingredient" Written and directed by Allison AndersTed assists several unusual women with their luggage up to the Honeymoon suite. He soon discovers that they are a coven of witches trying to reverse a spell that was placed on their goddess 40 years earlier. However, when they learn one of them is missing an ingredient needed to complete the spell, they convince Ted to help her out in retrieving the missing ingredient.---Room Review--- This is the weakest of the rooms. Although very well conceived and directed, it doesn't have that feeling the rest of the rooms do.7/10Segment 2: Room 404 - "The Wrong Man" Written and directed by Alexandre RockwellAfter a confusing phone call from a party in a room and unsure of which floor it's on, Ted arrives to room 404 where he finds himself in the middle of a fantasy hostage situation between a husband and wife. At gunpoint, Ted is forced to participate in the scenario, with uncertainty of what is real and what is part of the fantasy.---Room Review--- Of the four segments, this is the second best one. The entire concept, story, directing, acting and comedy is stellar and all around shows how a great story can be told in a short time.9/10Segment 3: Room 309 - "The Misbehavers" Written and directed by Robert RodriguezA husband and wife pay Ted to babysit their son and daughter as they go out to a New Years party. The very stern father demands his children to not misbehave and Ted to make sure they are well taken care of. Ted, alone in the hotel, cannot stay in the room so he orders them to stay in the room and watch TV. After Ted leaves, the children begin to explore and vandalize the room. After Ted arrives back after a few more times (the events of "The Wrong Man" take place during this room), the room is in total and complete chaos, which ends in a hilarious tone as the man and wife return.---Room Review--- The best of the rooms. Rodriguez cleverly put much thought and effort into this room using all of the actors skills, especially Tim Roth and made the entire film worth it.10/10Segment 4: The Penthouse - "The Man from Hollywood" Written and directed by Quentin TarantinoAfter a famous director request several items, Ted brings them to the room and is soon acquainted with the party. Ted is asked to take part in a challenge that comes directly put of an episode of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'. Ted. Initially declines, but is offered a guarantee $100 just to listen to the request and an additional $1000 if he accepts.---Room Review--- The third best, or second "worst," depending on how you think of it. The room, of course, has the Tarantino formula of characters that never stop talking. Of course, the concept is nowhere near as original or as far fetched as the others but is still a very stellar segment. They even mention the very episode of 'Hitchcock' they use in the conversation. The ending is perfect, however for Ted to end his otherwise very odd and terrible night.8/10

Shayla J (au) wrote: I love this movie! It's got fun, outrageous scenes of crazy dancing and swing music, but also focuses on delivering a message to us that it seems many people overlook. They use their swing music to protest against oppression! And if you look deeper into the film, you find that each character is symbolic. Thomas represents those who conform to the Nazis, Arvid represents those that oppose, and Peter represents those who ask the question: what is right? I find this film very powerful considering that it is based on true events. Just research the "Swing Kid Movement in Nazi Germany." Teens were actually sent to labor camps along with Jews for attending Swing clubs. This movie is true to life and has a deep meaning about the evils of racism and forceful governments, summed up in distressing scenes of Nazi violence and some scenes of Swing dancing to lift your spirits. The ending is to die for. I honestly do not understand why some do not see the true value of this movie. I believe it is greatly underrated.

Scot C (br) wrote: 24 years later, finally watched it! I think it's AWESOME!

Jonathan S (kr) wrote: The best in the entire franchise!

Sarah B (ca) wrote: Greatest movie of all time. Yes, it is! Don't argue with me!!

Rudy L (nl) wrote: I admit I was working while I was watching this, but! the images were quite nice and according to Amy there are some interesting kabuki stylings in the movie.

Dorian G (ru) wrote: Great for the nostalgia, but still has plenty of good gags too. My friends and I at university used to watch this and play all the drinking games, and would laugh all night over how silly this movie is. Just fun.Watched on Shaw on demand at Sam's with her, December 1, 2016.

Shantel D (br) wrote: I love the book, and this did not disappoint! I can't believe it took me so long to see it, but I'm glad the only version I've seen is the one Clive wanted us to see.

Michael E (mx) wrote: Would have been better with vin

Tim H (ca) wrote: Soso war flick in which Cage is an ace helicopter pilot. Kinda like Airwolf or Blue Thunder.