Hands Across the Table

Hands Across the Table

A manicurist and an engaged loafer, both planning to marry money, meet and fall in love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1935
  • Language:English,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:waiter,   dancing,   engagement,  

A loafer and a manicurist, both planning to marry money, meet and form an uneasy alliance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hands Across the Table torrent reviews

Jenna S (ru) wrote: Truly awful. Such a disappointment!

Carlos Z (ag) wrote: Excellent movie. Shows how God takes the broken and does wonders.

Katie O (ca) wrote: Captivating thriller

Paul D (au) wrote: The mood and atmosphere is done right, but often in these films the story is not, as is the case here. It's confusing as to what is going on throughout, although usually the ending explains all, but the audience in this case is left to work it out for themselves when the final scenes play out, and again not everyone will get it. There's a fair bit of weak acting throughout to compliment this.

Patrick D (mx) wrote: ALl the hallmarks of a bad Bollywood movie: slow, predictable, repetitive, with the usual disapproving father in law and marriage at the end. Aside from Big B, it contains none of the good things: music, dancing, action, or extreme melodrama.

Private U (fr) wrote: this looks like another mediocre, [maybe less than mediocre] predictable movie about a haunted house. they need new ideas.

Nathlia P (us) wrote: An interesting story about love and connection in the biggest city in South America.

Michelle G (au) wrote: It was okay, I didn't really like. It seemed really boring and wasn't scary. It did confuse me a bit.

Alejandro E (nl) wrote: La pelicula menos lograda de Guillermo del Toro. Si acaso vale el esfuerzo de verla es como defiende su estilo ludico, sin hacer a un lado las emocionantes coreografias.

Ivan V (fr) wrote: Every corny, bad parody tries to be what this movie never intended to do. without taking itself to seriously, it spawned famous catchphrases and characters so stupidly funny, you couldn't help but laugh. We all know its not a deep, personal story that's going to change your life. the creators never intended it to be that. it was intended to be what it is today, a parody that people will remember. It got that alright. It got that and much, more. this turned out to be a parody everyone wanted to be. Movies like Date Movie, Epic Movie, Vampires suck, and Meet the Spartans use the same formula that Scary Movie invented. They overuse it, yeah. But you cannot blame this movie for others steeling and basing their material of its own. Before this movie, THIS was the first of its kind and it was funny! dumb but funny. to me, that counts enough to be respectable in the movie business and directing.

Ralphie N (ru) wrote: This is a movie that does not hold up....it's painful to watch now.

Lacie (fr) wrote: Main character dies, shouldn't have been made into a movie!

Gabriella P (ca) wrote: I remember all the crazy quotes me and my boyfriend used to say to each other from this movie, so much fun :D

Robert G (nl) wrote: An adaptation with a more suspenseful side. That's literally all it had going for it.

Camille L (ca) wrote: La Rumeur Court... se veut comme une suite logique au Laurat et parvient faire passer cette ide saugrenue avec une bonne ide de dpart (le film et le livre existent dans l'univers du film). Par moments, le film de Rob Reiner est mme russi, surtout quand Kevin Costner (remplaant quasiment Dustin Hoffman) est l'cran. Car c'est bien l que La Rumeur Court... atteint les niveaux de provocation du Laurat. Autrement, le film n'est qu'une romcom de plus, pas dtestable, mais peu originale. Shirley MacLaine et Richard Jenkins sont trs bons.

Matt S (mx) wrote: The first film starring the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Crew discovers a energy ribbon, which took James T. Kirk 78 years prior. Tolian Soran wishes to use this ribbon to get back to the Nexus. After learning his true intentions, Jean-Luc Picard confronts Soran. It is in the nexus Picard meets Kirk. After some convincing he agrees to help Picard. I think there could have been a better way to get these two captains together. But this film is fair enough. Not too bad but not perfect either. All the cast members are there and the themes of time and life and death play well enough on screen. Not much to really say about this one.