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Hands Off Me!

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Daniel N (us) wrote: Good movie with a great ending twist.

Alex V (ru) wrote: pera prima de Kim Ji-woon.

Edward C (br) wrote: Annie Hall(1977)Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Carol Kane, Paul Simon, Shelley Duvall, Janet Margolin, Christopher Walken, and Colleen DewhurstDirected By: Woody AllenReviewA NERVOUS ROMANCEHello Kiddies your pal the Cupid Critic here with one of the most influential romantic comedies that had it's own and beat Star Wars at the Oscars for Best Picture.Alvy Singer(Woody Allen) is one of Manhattan's most brilliant comedians, but when it comes to romance, his delivery needs a little work. Introduced by his best friend Rob(Tony Roberts) Alvy falls in love with the ditzy but delightful nightclub singer Annie Hall(Diane Keaton). When Alvy's own insecurities sabotage the affair, Annie is forced to leave Alvy for a new life-and lover(Paul Simon)-in LOs Angles. Knowing he may have lost Annie forever, Alvy's willing to go to great lengths- even driving L.A's freeways-to recapture the only thing that mattered-true love.I've been wanting to see this for a while, the first Woody Allen picture I ever saw was Blue Jasmine and I loved that film, granted its nothing like Annie Hall but it was a great character study. Annie Hall was also a best picture winner so that also made me more excited when I put the Bluray in.Annie Hall contains more intellectual wit and cultural references than any other movie to win an Oscar for best picture, and in winning the award in 1978 it edged out Star Wars, an outcome unthinkable today. The victory marked the beginning of Woody Allen's career as an important filmmaker(his work was funny but slight) and it signaled the end of the 1970s golden age of movies.Annie Hall is built on such dialogue and centers on conversation and monologue. Because it is just about everyone's favorite Woody Allen movie, because it won the Oscar, because it is a romantic comedy few viewers probably notice how much of it consist of people talking, simply talking.This is a movie that establishes its tone by constantly switching between tones: The switches reflect the restless mind of the filmmaker, turning away from the apparent subject of a scene to find the angle that reveals the joke. Annie Hall is a movie about a man who is always looking for the loopholes in perfection. Who can turn everything into a joke, and wishes he couldn't. I give Annie Hall a five out of five.

J K (ru) wrote: These Shirley Temple movies are so disgustingly cute. Too bad she became such an ugly troll later in life.

Jonah R (us) wrote: Coonskin is a very bizarre but strangely likeable film. I would add a star if not for the awful live-action bits.

Edgar C (es) wrote: Real life will always be more disturbing than any fiction creation, and it is scary to know humanity as a monster when conglomerated in a mass and the irrational capacity people can allow themselves to have. Religious idolatry is a commonly known problem in the history of mankind, but it gets more serious when they can easily submit their souls to a singer and synchronized rock sounds, regardless of how groundbreaking they may be.It's interesting to point out that the Altamont concert wasn't as famous as Woodstock was immediately around the world, contrary to public claimings. The 60s were a brutal decade of loss of innocence and perhaps there was already enough turmoil for people to endure, and the new goal was to try to make audiences go to sleep every night more easily. Now, decades later the message is still reverberating inside everyone's conscience; it has just to be heard and understood. The problem is that the implications are much more complicated, and the majority of future consequences seldom can be known.98/100

Van W (mx) wrote: Jones is as fresh as can be, Greenwood and Nelson are great fun, and Grahan is somewhat miscast, but does what she can. Great music well sung. The film tries to supply grand visuals with its widescreen, but Zinnemann in the 1950s is no David Lean in the 1960s or 70s. Somewhat overlong compared to most musicals, the length is due to the attempt to remain faithful to the Braodway production. Simple, quaint, and fairly engaging.

journei c (ca) wrote: this story is so great no matter what other people say you should look at it and see for your own it is lovely