Hands Up

Hands Up

March 22, 2067. At dawn of life, Milana remembers her life, when she was a young Chechen immigrant in Paris, struggling for a better life along with her school friends.

March 22, 2067. At dawn of life, Milana remembers her life, when she was a young Chechen immigrant in Paris, struggling for a better life along with her school friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian C (ag) wrote: The master of camera shots and the psychological thriller talks candidly for a little under 2 hours about his career and filmography.

Ashley Marie T (it) wrote: such a horrible movie.only giving this many stars for Ben mckenzie

Tom K (jp) wrote: The title alone makes this one worth checking out. Although a little campy and silly with the creature effects, it is a fun ride!

Salah A (kr) wrote: This franchise really would've worked if it didn't follow Twilight's footsteps.

Siumi W (de) wrote: Adapted from Hollywood movies (Cellular)......

Jan H (nl) wrote: It was so adorable how the President's puppy only wanted things to go back to the way they were.

Ahmed M (br) wrote: Really good movie, entertaining.

Phillip D (fr) wrote: It has the acceptable amount of cute romance, but Dear John is painfully flawed in nearly every other aspect imaginable.

Dan M (de) wrote: And here we have another of Seagal's infamous straight to DVD flicks produced on a budget of about 3.50 and some bacon butties. I cannot even muster a decent review of this astonishingly mediocre movie so will just list a few points from the good/bad sides; Good: It's Seagal and his acting has always been a source of amusement for me, for some reason he truly thinks he's gangsta to the core which results in some true 'Oh he didn't really say that did he!!?!' moments. Another good point is the inclusion of a ham acting Nick Mancuso wearing 'look at me I'm still young & hip' shades...for those not in the know Mr Mancuso is the shadey CIA guy Tom Breaker from Under Siege. I suppose the only other good point is that the film, as a whole, does not totally and utterly suck shaft...it's just meh. Bad: Far too many to list here, it IS a budgetless DTV flick so don't expect much. A couple of scenes could've benefitted from being switched around and the inclusion of some dramatic poise would've raised certain scenes to entertaining level; example being the death of the supposed 'main bad guy' which is rushed & done without so much as a pause or whimsical one-liner. COME ON SEAGAL!! I want my damn one-liners bitch! Oh and there is something about analysing dreams to figure out what to do with several million in stolen cash...figure that one out if you can. Of all the issues I have with these flicks is the constant total face slap of the Seagal-less fight scenes with stunt guys who look like the yang to Seagal's ying. We know you're tubby Steven & we don't care it's just age...but we also know you can still kick arse & take names so sort out some decent choreography and ditch the annoying as shit uber close up shots when the action is kicking off. It grinds my gears. Dan's quickfire review: Piece of shit! But one that won't leave your soul tarnished for all eternity. P.S Best line in the whole film when Seagal is introduced as Treach's partner; "Walks like a black man, breathes like a killer." Awesome.

Eric J (jp) wrote: I have to admit I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. Similar to "Nine to Five" but not as good. Dame Helen Mirren was deliciously evil and gets top props as the titular antagonist (antihero?). Watchable and fun in spite of itself.

Michael E (fr) wrote: it has good characters and good animation with great acting and drama i would actually consider it underrated by today's standards because when you think about it nowadays every time you mention the name Rudolph the red nosed reindeer people and children will immediately think of the Rankin Bass classic from the 1960s

Aj V (br) wrote: A weird fairy tale like story about a witch and a guy who asks for her help, you feel bad for him, but I also kinda felt bad for the witch too. This is a strange movie, but if you're a fan of Herschell Gordon Lewis and weird 60s movies, I'd say it's worth seeing.

Aaron G (br) wrote: Goes too far with the violence for me to ever want to see again.