Based on an autobiographical novella by Ivan Olbracht, the film tells the story of Hanele Safarová, who grows up just after the First World War in a little Ruthenian schtetl which, in true Hassidic fashion, awaits the arrival of the Messiah. But Hanele decides to follow the Zionists instead. She moves to the city to prepare for her departure to the Promised Land, where she meets a successful businessman named Ivo Karadzic, who has renounced Judaism to become a free-thinker. Their love for each other doesn’t only drive Hanele’s parents to distraction, it also threatens to destroy the entire community in the schetl.

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Leo K (nl) wrote: Other than the weird makeup at the end, this movie was really good. I hadn't known too much about Mandela previously, but this was a decent portrayal of a man who changed a nation, and inspired the world. I found 'The Butler' more moving than this movie though.

Daniel S (es) wrote: A somewhat interesting premise, dragged down into botched execution. There's very little tension to be had, and some of the effects are terrible enough to yank one right out of what little mood has been built. The ending is also a clueless, unnecessary non-sequitur. It held my interest a little bit when carefully attended to alone in the dark, but on any less committed viewing, it falls apart.

Peter E (mx) wrote: This film has a lot to say?on some very intriguing and crucial topics concerning our society. However, in the hands of its writers (mainly Gilman, as it is based on her play), it is painful to sit through for its unrealistic dialogue throughout. Five minutes in, I thought the film was condescending to the viewer?it got worse and worse as it went along. The very talented Miranda Richardson is given horrible direction here?playing a simplistic caricature along with the rest of this cast?all given unbelievable and embarrassing lines to speak. If you want to make a meaningful or even lasting statement on a subject as serious and as important as race relations, you better put it in the hands of an effective writer and a director who can relay that vision to the audience in a provocative manner. Instead, both writers and director here manage to exploit, patronize and humiliate the very characters who they believe they are speaking for. Near the end of the film, Mykelti Williamson screams to the student who is responsible for the hate crimes going around on campus (which was predictable in itself): ??This is an embarrassment!?? I think he was speaking for everyone involved in this empty, embarrassing film.

Jeremy J (ru) wrote: 2.5 stars. Dry humor but Albert Brooks can do better.

Jackie M (fr) wrote: nothing replaces humanity and kindness in the end. not intellect or rationalization. we are all reduced to our final moments on this earth when hopefully we will be remembered for more than our great works. kindness and humanity.

Brendan M (ru) wrote: a true classic, loved this film when I was a kid and for that reason it's awsom!

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: 77% "Hey Johnny! They got Fizz!"-Gang Member Unfrozen samuri gets lost in the Big Apple and cleans up the streets. Hiroshi Fujioka shines.

Glenn C (nl) wrote: Death Hunt caught my eye tonight. I hadn't seen it in years and thought I'd give it another hit. The film was made in 1981 but it feels much older. Its got all the qualities of a classic western, despite it not really being one. It's set in the Yukon Territory in the 1930s. Charles Bronson plays a reclusive trapper who lives high in the mountains. During a venture to town for supplies he interrupts a dog fighting tournament, rescues a dying dog and upsets a lot of men in the process. They seek retribution and one of them end up at the wrong end of Bronson's rifle. Lee Marvin plays the senior mounty who leads a hunting party into the wilderness to hunt & kill Bronson. It's a strange movie... its has that classic 50s sensibility in it's style but its packed with graphic violence, course language and crude dialogue. It's good though and the dvd I watched had a gritty video transfer quality (still in widescreen) but that added to the effect. It's sort of a forgotten movie and if you like Bronson or Marvin then it won't disappoint. There's also a heap of familiar faces in support roles including Carl Weathers, Ed Neumeister and Andrew Stevens.

Sebastian T (nl) wrote: This is a dated, women-in-prison blaxploitation film. I thought BMWM had a more interesting concept than most of its kind, but it's still not quite as memorable as Coffy or Foxy Brown. Having said that, you know anything with Pam Grier in it is bound for badassness, and this sure is no exception. Overall, a gratuitously entertaining timewarp into the 70's.

Jacky L (br) wrote: did pinoy sunday reference this short?

Will I (kr) wrote: I rather kill myself than watch this again