Hangover Square

Hangover Square

A composer who can't control his creative temperament turns to murder.

A promising classical musician finds his life poisoned by a music hall dancer -- and by the strange gaps in his memory. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah S (de) wrote: No amount of rock music -classic or otherwise- will make this a good movie.

MF J (au) wrote: Another comedy from director Paul Weitz who seems to have fun telling the story of this bad ass Tv broadcaster & the wannabe talents coming to his show. funny thing is the most wicked people aren't always the one you expected to be. Interesting.

Tyler R (it) wrote: Everyone loves this movie. Very cute and family friendly. Great message and heart.

David B (gb) wrote: This little known mockumentary by Peter Jackson is completely convincing in its very subtle silliness as it explores the life and career of New Zealand??s totally unknown cinematic visionary and pioneer, unfortunately forgotten by history but deserving of a place in history alongside the Lumiere brothers, D.W. Griffith, Eisenstein, Lang, etc; the feel of the changing times during the early 20th century is particularly well captured, with an especially hilarious satire of Communist propaganda in early filmmaking

Russell G (ca) wrote: It has everything you want in a musical: humor, romance, catchy songs, a charming cast and story. The story involves slippery New York underground gamblers in late 1940s finessing the police, their love interests, and each other to set up a craps game. The sweet story stands on own surprisingly well. The music lightens what could be serious situations and gives it a bright fun feeling. Retro movie sets and wardrobe ooze charm and class. Not surprisingly, Frank Sinatra is the MVP. He balances the singing and acting perfectly. He is an irresponsible schuck, but you cannot help but love him anyway. Marlon Brando has the just the right style and personality in the lead role of Sky Materson, but his voice is below average. He gives it a valiant effort, but his insecure talk-singing is not particularly pleasant. The light mood and the rest of the ensemble make up for his deficiency in the music department. The songs themselves are great fun, and they complement the story in a meaningful way. Some of the musical numbers may fail to grab you, but it never kills the momentum. It is an all-around enjoyable feel-good time.

Kyle B (ca) wrote: A really interesting movie with a captivating screen presence by Jack O'Connell who was decent in Unbroken and '71 but commands every scene he's in with this performance. Ben Mendelsohn who everyone seems crazy about and I really don't get it also does some really strong work here as well as Rupert Friend. Really worth seeking out this gem