Hank and Mike

Hank and Mike

Two blue-collar Easter Bunnies get fired and try their hand at an assortment of odd jobs, failing at each. Fighting depression, debt and eventually each other, their lives start to unravel until they realize that without their job they are nothing.

Thomas Michael, Paolo Mancini, Chris Klein and Joe Mantegna star in director Matthiew Klinck's holiday-themed comedy concerning two downsized Easter bunnies whose friendship starts to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christy M (nl) wrote: maybe want to see it...not sure

Spencer W (au) wrote: My favorite movie of all time! I do not know why it has such a low score. Most of Adam Sandlers lately are crap, this in NOT one of them!!!!!!!!!!1

Michael Y (br) wrote: A poignant and a bit more tragically bittersweet Chinese version of "Cinema Paradiso". There are a lot of similarities between these two movies right down to specific scenes and relationships.Good acting and story, but it ultimately seemed way too long despite a 93 min movie length. Even "Cinema Paradiso" in it's extended edition (154 mins) had better pacing and a slightly more uplifting mood.

travis y (us) wrote: nice film about george adamson and his friend tony fitzjohn, whom i was once able to cross paths with.

Denise A (jp) wrote: Liked it. Benicio is a really good actor!

Michael G (jp) wrote: Cant get over that scene ??

Raquel R (fr) wrote: Before you jump to conclusions, I swear I didn't watch it for the title! I love Jeremy Davies and it was on YouTube. Anyways...Surprisingly good. Creepy and totally disturbing, but superbly acted and genuine. Davies perfectly portrays a misguided, frustrated young man. I'm not into incest, but...I'd say it's worth watching. At least once.

Adrian Z (au) wrote: Wretched threequel, with the series seemingly taken over and ruined by director, writer, and special effects wizard wannabe Gary Sherman, sees Carol Anne(O'Rourke) accosted by the ghost of evil preacher Kane in a Chicago skyscraper. The result is tedious rather than suspenseful, and filled with characters one can hardly find appealing - as a matter of fact, Allen's character is rather unlikable! O'Rourke and Rubinstein are welcome holdovers from previous movies, but Rubinstein as creepy psychic Tangina is sadly given so little of worth to do, and some truly embarrassing lines. It's actually sad to watch. Moreover, the film is cheap looking - mostly because Sherman decided to make all special effects bar one shot live on camera. Consequently, we end up with flashing spotlights and wind machines serving as "ghostly" happenings, with cringe worthy evil laughter looping in the background. That said, SFX are not all bad - some of the gore effects are pretty good, particularly during the shot of Lara Flynn Boyle clawing her way out of Rubinstein's decayed body. It, and it alone turns out to be way better than anything else conjured up in this film. Sadly, Heather O'Rourke passed away four months before the release of the film due to illness, which is why in the film's rushed ending (a posthumous reshoot) her face is never revealed.

Wes S (fr) wrote: Looks pretty typical of a low budget 80's slasher film. The movie is slow, the characters are dumb, the plot is unoriginal, and the music is rather annoying. It does have some gross realistic gore and clever kills. The ending is confusing though, and drags on a bit too long.

John Y (gb) wrote: Super silly Jerry Lewis movie that has you rolling your eyes instead of rolling in the aisles.

Anna Margarethe O (kr) wrote: If you liked Charade (Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn), you might like this. Similar mix of mystery, crime, romance and humour.

Tim W (ca) wrote: Mick Jagger's film debut against the brilliant James Fox. One of most weird film with fast, random cuttings and 2 entirely different settings dividing the film. Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll.

Luca D (ca) wrote: Solitamente Sacha Baron Cohen ha una comicit grezza ma sempre pronta a rendere caricaturali comportamenti reali di particolari categorie di persone (i giovani che giocano a fare i rapper/gangster, la stupidit che circonda la moda etc), in questo caso l'obiettivo l'inglese medio: amante del calcio, ignorante e bevitore di birra. Peccato che non ci sia cattiveria, non c' lo sberleffo sociale, ma c' solo un film veramente di basso livello dove la met delle battute fanno riferimento al sesso anale maschile o poco pi.