Hanna's Gold

Two sisters from Beverly Hills find themselves in the adventure of a lifetime when they're sent to spend the summer working on a horse ranch with their estranged father. Always seeming to ...

. . Always seeming to . Two sisters from Beverly Hills find themselves in the adventure of a lifetime when they're sent to spend the summer working on a horse ranch with their estranged father

Hanna's Gold is a great movie of Joel Souza, Jim Valdez (story). This movie was introduced in 2010. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, for example Morissa O'Mara, Alana O'Mara, Dan Benson, Kevin M. Horton, Luke Perry, Boyd Kestner, Brett Howell, Steve Mokate, Moira Squier, Sarah Agor, Crystal Allen, Travis Caldwell, Kathryn Collins, Ashley Edner, Amy Mathieson. There are many categories, such as Family. The rating is 5 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Deenie C (fr)

Oh, it's so bad it's good" -- why didn't they take the film budget and donate it to a charity instead?. Most are from "people" who wrote one review and disappeared. A little bit of analysis shows that these "good to very good" reviews use the same phrasing over and over

Hugh R (ru)

emotional and action edge of your seat ending. true story,french sas,terrorists,plane

Kyle V (br)

"YOU'RE ICE CREAM!". A movie that features a severed head in a waffle cone is a movie that wins my heart. Gotta love this for the camp value

Mark A (mx)

It's technically horror but plays like a thriller. Credits include the Weinstein brothers and Daron Aronofsky. I was happily surprised since I'd never heard of this film until I saw it on Encore Suspense. Top notch creepy thriller drama about a haunted submarine in World War Two

Maurice V (es)

Matt Damon, I am a fan , but seriously, go hang your head in shame. I think this movie is a rip off of any movie watchers time and there should be some law banning this type of movie pointlessness. I mean Nothing! Then the two guys start walking in the desert for another 10 minutes of film without saying anything, just walking and walking. The opening scene of the movie should tell you right away what junk this actually is because it follows a car on a New Mexico desert type road for about 5 minutes without anything happening. He did not co write anything as the dialog which virtually does not exist is meaningless. Casy Affleck the co writer of this junk should be shot. Matt Damon should cringe at the mere mention of the name Gerry. This Movie"GERRY" released by Miramax in 2001 with Matt Damon must go down in history as the worst movie ever made

Michael W (ag)

A game for you short attention span movie goers is to look out for extra's accidentally looking into the dreaded camera lens, there are a few, but less then you would expect with the long shots this film uses for each and sometime multiple time-periods. With a constant first-person view- we are seeing through the eyes of a voice, human or spiritual he is the vessel in an guide through an old and long-gone Museum, my history is as bad as my views on film, so you'll have to research weather or not it was a real museum that burnt down, but either way it does change how magnificent the film is. A face-less voice is guiding him from room to room (time to time) constantly reminding him to not interfere with the anyone, advice he dismisses like an overrated Mona Lisa, soon like mortality that is inevitable, he fools deeply in-love with the russian culture and it people; he does not want it to end, will he finish his journey to find ultimate truth in his adventure?I am not in any sense a fan of films set in old periods, but this film opens my eyes to its hidden philosophic essence that is shown by an great performance from the actor who played (his name is not said but he does say he is a) the writer. The most fantastic tour of art on film, an energized old man with a deep and opinionated view on a time that has long since passed, spends the film duration looking at small snippets of time in a museum that hold art, military and royalty as-well as an abundant of people, whom he encounters constantly. Magnetized with sleeping beauty of art and design, a mans abyss of heavenly bliss for art and time

Ryan G (it)

The Black and White sequences were intriguing, the color ones, not so much

Sans S (ca)

Very moving; takes place in upstate NY

Silvia B (ag)

what a mix, it never fails. yaaaa! EDDIE! tons of slash, a bit of splatter, sincere troubled-mind

Wahida K (kr)

Movies such as these or Lakhon mein Ek, shows what a Genius Mehmood was. It is a very cute Movie with Mehmood in the leading role. One second you will laugh your Belly off the other minute you ll cry. This Movie will make you laugh and cry