Hannah House

Hannah House

A young couple is terrorized by an evil in their new home.

Setting out to start a new life on the prairie, a young couple is terrorized by the evil in their new home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amjeed K (fr) wrote: It was s$&t!!! Its getting half a star as it was soo bad I could not stop laughing! The English translations did not even match the spoken English on the screen!!!

Charles P (gb) wrote: Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson work well together and make the film dumb, old-fashioned entertainment.

Riley H (es) wrote: Okay, for one thing it's not 80 minutes long. Secondly, longest title sequence for an hour long movie EVER. Thirdly, if I really were serious about making a list about everything that's wrong with this "movie," it would take me longer than it did to watch the thing. Yuck.

John W (fr) wrote: A hard-bitten, stylized action romp with a great cast and more than enough to offer to make it easy to overlook its flaws. It is pure fun, fast-paced storytelling.

Amanda K (de) wrote: Crap... and more crap... I couldn't even bring myself to finish it.

Nathan H (kr) wrote: Even biographical movies should have some sort of narrative, but this movie either lacks one or it is too difficult to follow. Jack Nicholson is distracting both because of the weird make up and the weird voice he decided to use. Jimmy Hoffa is a some what interesting individual and the ending was kind of surprising, but overall it was just not worth it.

Matthew L (gb) wrote: A good thriller that does not necessarily need an understanding of Kafka to be enjoyed. The cinematography was outstanding. I don't understand why this film has not been released on DVD in North America. THank GOd for German math professors.

Damian T (mx) wrote: Really good sequel with inventive death scenes.

Mary M (nl) wrote: oooh I loved this one! Goldie Hawn is fantastic in this, but OMG Don looked so beautiful sitting up on his bed like that. It's funny that the movie was set to be in the 60s and it looked the same as SF today because people are dressing retro like that now, that gave it a unique feel. Also, Donnie Dark! That was a character mentioned in this movie, I wonder if that's where the writer of Donnie Darko got his characters name? There were some parrallels I thought but, could be a coincidence? I won't give out the ending though, but rent it, trust me you will like it. It's pretty light too nothing too heavy.

Brad W (ca) wrote: Hey, Don Rickles is 'Big Drag'. That and Eric Von Zipper would make me watch.

Peter B (ru) wrote: ok so you know how at the end of movies when they say "no animals were harmed during the filming of this movie" well this movie definitely couldn't say that. They had a giant iguana and a crocodile or something tearing each other apart. I hate animal freaks but this movie went too far for me even.

James H (kr) wrote: Owen Wilson please go away !