Hanni & Nanni

Hanni & Nanni

A drama centered around twins attending the same boarding school.

A drama centered around twins attending the same boarding school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Koeman L (au) wrote: Nice date movie, perfect to watch on a lazy weekend with your lover.

Steve M (br) wrote: Black FridayStarring: Boris Karloff, Stanley Ridges, Bela Lugosi, and Anne GwynneDirector: Arthur Lubin When brilliant brain surgeon Dr. Sovac (Karloff) is the attending physician for dying mad-dog gangster Red Cannon and his best friend Professor Kingsley (Ridges), a man who is already dead from brain damage due to Cannon's actions, Sovac decides to conduct an extreme eperiment: He transplants part of Cannon's brain in the hopes of saving Kingsley... as well as proving his theory that a person's personality and memories is preserved in the brain cells. To Sovac's initial delight, his surgery is a success and his theory is proven true, but when he causes Cannon's personality to become the dominant one, the gangster-in-the-professor's body starts taking gruesome revenge on those who killed him, including rival gangster Marney (Lugosi). "Black Friday" is an interesting horror flick that crosses Frankensteinian mad science with the hardboiled gangster genre. It has its interesting points, but it is a bit overburdened by too many plot complications, and it has an ending that comes too suddenly and too easily. Another run at the script to streamline the plot and expand the ending a bit would have improved this film immensely. The acting is excellent all around, with Stanley Ridges doing a great job in the dual role of Cannon and Kingsley. (Never mind where the brill cream comes from when he turns into the gangster... it's a great bit of acting, contrasting the mild-mannered professor with the homicidal gangster.) The oddest thing about the movie is the casting choicies. It seems like Karloff would have been perfect in the dual-role of Kingsley/Cannon, and that Lugosi would have been great as Sovac--heck, some of the exchanges between characters seem to imply that Sovac hailed from some strange and foreign land--but instead we have Karloff as Sovac, Lugosi in a minor role as a gangster, and Ridges as the ambulatory mad science project. As mentioned above, Ridges does a great job, but I can't help but wonder how much better the film wold have been if Karloff had been in that role, and Lugosi as the doctor. (I read an online rumor that Karloff didn't feel he could play an American gangster, so he refused to take the Kingsley/Cannon part... but given that he played a similar part in "The Black Cat" that's an explanation that doesn't make much sense. In fact, if Lugosi had played Sovac and Karloff Kingsley/Cannon, they would have been in similar roles as the ones they played in "The Black Cat", a film where they both gave great performances. Perhaps a concern was that Lugosi couldn't bring enough of a sympathetic air to the part of Sovac? If anyone knows the true story, let me know!)

eby c (br) wrote: That's a real movieI don't understand what the movie reviewers are smoking but I find their reviews less and less reliable

Bill M (fr) wrote: Good battle scenes and teriffic action throughout. Great samurai movie!

Vincent F (de) wrote: Classic Thriller!!! Had me Hook for the Whole ride.

Matt S (nl) wrote: The repeated camera tricks get pretty annoying, but it's made up for with a good plot. Not fantastic, but good.

Lilian W (gb) wrote: Linklater knows too much it scares me

Morpheus O (mx) wrote: This movie has perhaps the best character driven story I've ever seen and, although I can't really say that I have a single favorite movie, this movie is in my top five movies of all time. This movie is extremely underrated!! You'd almost absolutely have to find this online or rent it to see this movie. Good luck finding it on cable...I also take pride in the fact that when I first searched for this movie on Flixster they didn't have it! I had to find it on imdb to confirm the actors that were in the film & with a picture I submitted it to them they added this movie to their site bc I requested it! I'm so proud of myself...

Brian S (ru) wrote: An unholy, unintentionally hilarious mess of a flick starring Linda Blair and David Hasselhoff and demonstrating perfectly why the latter never became a household name in horror. Supplement this with a starring role for Leslie Cumming, who delivers a performance so perfectly awful that I thought she was a foreign actress delivering her lines phonetically, and you've just about hit the trifecta. Now throw in a child actor who never made another film or TV appearance, a truly bumbling director (Michael Newlin and Fabrizio Laurenti are the same person), an unbelievably corny script, awful prosthetics that frequently look like they might pop off the wearer at any moment, and scenes in which day turns to night and back again up to 8 times, and it's a so-bad-it's-fun romp through something that you can only scrub out with plenty of bleach.The phrase that most often came to mind for me was, "What were they thinking?" Did they really think that nobody would notice the fake lips being sewn together were made of some sort of hard wax? That when we saw out of a window it was night, but when the shot switched to an interior that it was clearly daytime in the same window? That the nails that came off of a woman's fingers were back on them again a moment later? Really?It's worth noting that the director and most of the cast's careers ended here. Linda Blair still worked in a few B flicks, Hasselhoff simply won't go away, and one other actress has appeared in various TV dramas in bit parts. The rest? Gone. Truly terrible stuff here. If you like really bad horror film disasters, you're gonna love this one.

Prashanth J (jp) wrote: If you have seen "Flash of Genius" don't miss this. Francis Ford Coppola's direction is amazing and that means the movie is a must watch. More than that this is an inspiring piece of work. Jeff Bridges is at the best. 46 of the cars made in 1948 are still in running condition. Can you believe it? If you see Tucker first, then ensure that you watch "Flash of genius" which is the fight of a true genius Kearns completely on his own and eventually the judgement is the reflection of the cleanliness of the "Kearn's Blinking Eye wiper"

Andr D (it) wrote: No se deje enganar por el titulo: El relato sobre el tiroteo del OK Corral, que incluye a Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Chihuahua y la Clementina de la cancion, son recreados por el genial John Ford en todo un clasico del Western. Todo un triunfo.

Srikanth V (gb) wrote: A great story about journalistic integrity, with a real clever and surprise ending. However, i must say, all the characters seemed too nuanced for any practical story value. If Kate had played her role better, one would have felt like siding with her character more, but somehow she couldn't pull that off. Albert Burnside's character, for instance, came across as one of those unempathetic, brand-snobbish big talkers, until the end when he delivers an almost too-heartfelt-coming-from-him closing statement. Avril Aaronson (Noah Wyle) came off looking unnecessarily jumpy all the time, and Matt Dillon's role as a the Federal Prosecutor was made to look needlessly shifty probably just to make him appear as the antagonist.Ultimately, it was Vera Farmiga's and Matt Dillon's great acting that held my interest.

Paul K (de) wrote: Great film all time classic!! Always the case give someone a bit of power and they just take over without any consideration to the consequences #life

Luke G (nl) wrote: Very well acted. A very powerful performance from Josh Hutcherson. Alfred Molina is always spectacular, and Hayden Panettiere is fabulous in everything she decides to do. The cast was amazing so I was sold before I put the DVD in my computer. However, once the movie started, I was so impressed. The movie was a journey through Joshua's life. It's a journey through a lot of hardships. And, there are fabulous art references. Josh Hutcherson is definitely one of my new favorite actors. Yes, the movie had some boring plot moments that could have been better, but the acting and the beautiful direction pull the film through. I loved it :)

Cesar Q (jp) wrote: An interesting biopic on a complex character that transcended the cold war and what meant to be a "star".

Liam H (nl) wrote: This is a teen zombie movie. It doesnt have any big scares but does have a nice steady pace of tounge in cheek funny moments. Also a good soundtrack. Also has a good take on contemporary culture.