Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen

The inimitable Danny Kaye stars as famed storyteller Hans Christian Andersen in this charming fictionalized biopic that blends music, romance, comedy and fantasy to trace the life of Denmark's literary hero. A small-town shoemaker with a knack for spinning yarns, Hans encounters happiness and heartbreak on his road to becoming a full-fledged writer.

The film is a fictional, romantic story revolving around the life of the famous Danish poet and story-teller Hans Christian Andersen whose magical tales delight boys and girls throughout the land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna A (fr) wrote: Standard familymovie. Funny cast tho. Tim Currys role was funny ^^

Andrew B (us) wrote: Somewhat fun to watch, not as bad as you would think.

Joel N (ru) wrote: This film is passionate to its core, but is unfortunately the worst of Egoyan's work. The multiple plots seem to work in most films such as this, but it comes off so mechanical, even David Alpay's beautiful performance gets drowned out by the clumsy apparatus built to tell this story. The script would have been served better in the hands of the late Sophie Treadwell.

Cassandra M (it) wrote: Just watched this, and its my favourite Ruggero Deoadato film so far. The absence of anything too heinous was a good thing, apart from the first scene. Having said that, there was still a fearsome quantity of gore, turning the film into at times, a curious but hugely enjoyable action/splatter hybrid. It also worked in a few jungle movie tropes, to fun effect, as well as the mighty Michael Berryman as a vicious killer. He comes off even more ferocious than his turn in The Hills Have Eyes and he certainly kills more people. There's some nudity as well, although some of this is dead women unfortunately. The ending could of rounded things off a little more imaginatively and was not quite as spectacular as I expected, although far from bad. Still there were a number of memorable moments and I had a real blast watching this, thus I highly recommend it to any action or splatter fans

Andrea C (it) wrote: Dramma rurale di grande suggestione, ambientato nella campagne bergamasche verso la fine del 1800, questo film e' insieme il capolavoro di Olmi ed uno dei piu' grandi film italiani di sempre.

Jaime L (mx) wrote: Sometimes a slow burn can work real well to build tension but this did not happen for me in The Invitation. Was boring instead. The characters did not interest me beyond Will and especially the couple who were hosting the party were trying too hard to be mysteriously creepy. I found the whole situation to be completely contrived and when the third act comes around and the the string of tension snaps to something more, I simply could not care. Worse the final minute or so of The Invitation I found to be so absurd that I dropped the rating even further. What was supposed to be "shocking" no doubt got a snort of derision instead.

Manny C (ag) wrote: Cagney takes on one of his most challenging roles as the real life Lon Chaney. The movie is rather dated, but Cagney's greatness is never in doubt.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Forrest Gump is uneven, but it's never less than entertaining, thanks mostly to a great cast and screenplay.