Hans Kloss. Stawka wieksza niz smierc

Hans Kloss. Stawka wieksza niz smierc

In 1945, Polish intelligence agent Hans Kloss, codenamed J-23, goes to Konigsberg to search for the treasure stolen by the Nazis. It's there that he meets his old friend and rival, SS Officer Hermann Brunner.

The cinema war-action movie takes place partly during WWII and partly in 1975 in Spain. The main characters: agent Capt. Hans Kloss and Herman Bruner, want to find the stolen treasure, putting their lives at stake. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wesley W (it) wrote: Too generic and predictable to be good nor too bad to call this a terrible movie. This only comes off as a children's movie that only feels like it took the filmmakers a month for this forgettable material to be made. The only kind of humor you see on screen is just slapstick and there was never a memorable or laugh out loud moment in the entire movie. Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle is only ok here, but doesn't bring much to the big screen as an actor. Amanda Bynes, while good looking, was one of the big problems of the film. She didn't bring anything good to the movie, she was annoying at times, and she really just faded in the background for most of the film. A good aspect here in my opinion was Paul Giamatti. I thought he made the best out of the not-so-good material he was given and there were some mildly enjoyable moments with him. Besides those things, this is just your average, cliched, and very predictable Hollywood movie where there is no real reason to watch it.

Martin H (au) wrote: Not the film I expected, but very good nonetheless. Amour films are predictable, but this one I really had no idea how it was going to end as AFFLECK and JACKSON'S feud escalated. 8/10

Richard D (es) wrote: Breillat provokes as only the French really can. This is a startlingly frank depiction of adolescent sexuality that really doesn't spare anybody. The older man who seduces the older sister is depicted as a liar and a phony who breaks out risible Latin lover talk to convince her to give up her virginity, but she is not depicted as an innocent either. She lures him to her room in the first place in a clear attempt to manipulate him. The graphic sex scenes are almost off-putting in their clinical detachment. The younger, titular sister is depicted as more practical and clear-headed when it comes to sex, only to have her sensible wishes fulfilled in an absurdly violent climax to the film. A powerful, if not exactly enjoyable film.

Craig F (ag) wrote: Overall, three short films by very accomplished directors who have ALL delivered much better work. Coppola's, in particular ("Life Without Zoe", cowritten by her then teenage daughter, Sofia), is almost unwatchable.

FilmGrinder S (us) wrote: 78% Some horrible rubber suits. Bawld, bad guy Nicholas Worth is in there.

Kelly G (it) wrote: Anytime Mel Gibson stars as a sexy, skimpily-clad, retarded yard man, you have to watch...

Jake P (de) wrote: Wow, this movie was really great. A little strange and confusing at one point, but quickly made sense and finished with a solid 3 stars from me

Lorelei S (kr) wrote: has anyone watched this

Van R (ca) wrote: Bela Lugosi steals the show in Taxi for Two? director Denison Clift(TM)s atmospheric sea-faring yarn The Phantom Ship.? This British-produced, what-if epic appropriates the ill-fated, real-life tragedy of the sailing vessel the Mary Celeste as its subject matter. The elements revolving around the Mary Celeste, which was found in the Atlantic Ocean, near Portugal, without a single member of its crew on board and no indication about their fate lends itself to a scary saga. Nobody has ever figured out the fate of the crew, but several films have been lensed about this strange incident. Clift and freshman scenarist Charles Larkworthy exercise maximum use of dramatic license as they suggest what might have occurred. The claustrophobic setting-the action primarily takes place aboard the ship"and the paranoia that this static setting evokes as too many corpses pile up generates a modicum of atmosphere. Once a motley crew has been assembled for the Mary Celeste, the ensuing voyage turns into an Agatha Christie murder mystery as one crewman after another is killed in cold blood or commits suicide. Indeed, the plot foreshadows all those slasher chillers of the 1970s and 1980s where one individual stalks and kills a number of helpless victims. Revenge plays a prime motive in Clift(TM)s film, and Lugosi is cast as the wronged man who exacts his pound of flesh. Mind you, as one-armed sailor Anton Lorenzen, Lugosi has the plum role, while an above-average cast of convincing looking maritimers surround him with their brawny looks. One briny fellow is covered in tattoos that reflect the time of the story in the 1870s, particularly his Queen Victoria tat. Unfortunately, despite the eerie setting and subject matter as well as Lugosi bravura performance, The Phantom Ship? could straighten the hairs on your forearms. Of course, it doesn(TM)t hurt matters that this was an early example of Hammer horror. In all probability, anything that might have sent a chill down your spine was excised by the British Board of Censors. If it proves nothing else, The Phantom Ship? proves that a man with one-arm can be a challenging adversary. Lugosi lunatic here has suffered from too many years at sea under horrible circumstances. He regales his fellow seamen with the story about how a shark got his arm. Meantime, Clift and Larkworthy retain some bits of history; the skipper takes his wife on the voyage because he plans to marry her. Nevertheless, he runs a taut ship and empowers his subordinates to make believers out of his coercised crew. Aside from the sailor sent to obtain a crew, the Lugosi character appears to be the only man who wants to be onboard. Happily, Clift keeps everything down to 62 minutes, but the revelation that Phantom Ship? existed at one time as The Mystery of the Mary Celeste? with a running time of 80 minutes. The scenes aboard the ship look credible and filmmakers maintain the mystery right up to the final moments before another ship finds the Mary Celeste and they sell her for salvage. Along with the Lugosi character(TM)s appetite for revenge, the only other notable complication is the romantic rivalry between Captain Benjamin Briggs (Arthur Margetson of Random Harvest?) and Captain Jim Morehead (Clifford McLaglen of Call of the Sea) over Sarah (Shirley Grey) who winds up wedding Briggs rather than Morehead. Bad blood erupts over this turn of events and Morehead dispatches a sailor to sail for Briggs who will see that a little harm comes to him. The Phantom Ship? is more hardcore Bela Lugosi completists and Hammer fans

Matthew M (ru) wrote: Here comes the boom is an average sporting comedy that has some heart-felt moments and brings the boom into boxing.

Jamie C (kr) wrote: good movie.. and a good ending :)

Robert R (mx) wrote: As long and tedious as it may get, I never checked out of "The Five-Year Engagement's" endlessly entertaining story. The lovably adorable couple at the film's center - as well shockingly funny humor throughout - elevates this indie-esque comedy above the droll nature of its cohorts.