Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

A brother and sister battle a witch who lures teenagers into her suburban home with her special blend of marijuana where she then proceeds to kill and eat them to maintain her youth and beauty.

The pothead Ashton Crawford and his girlfriend Gretel are smoking in her room special marijuana called Black Forest supplied by the drug dealer Manny and produced by an old lady named Agnes that lives in Pasadena. Gretel's brother Hansel arrives home and Gretel tells that she will bake gingerbread cookie while Ashton will go directly to Agnes to buy more Black Forest. However Agnes is a witch and captures Ash to eat his flesh and drain his youth to maintain youth. Gretel seeks her boyfriend out and suspects of Agnes, but the police officers Ritter and Hart do not give credit to her words since Ritter knows that Ash is a pothead. Meanwhile the gang that supplies weed to Manny learns that he is selling Black Forest to his costumers and they threaten him and their leader Jorge sends a message to Agnes through Manny. However, the drug dealer is turned into a zombie by Agnes and Jorge and his gang pay a visit to her and are also turned into zombies. Soon Gretel and Manny's girlfriend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Max R (fr) wrote: This is a film that touches you in your soul and stays with you, keeping you thinking and feeling. It is a film that hits on something deep within us and pulls our humanity into a situation that is mired in politics but is and should be about people. It reminds us that we are all from the same seed of life and that it is only over time we become people who can hate. This film brings us back to the relationships that we as humans have, and can have, with anyone, across borders and across the lines of war. I can't stop thinking about this movie, but more importantly, I can't stop feeling from this movie.

Micaela L (de) wrote: Nicole Kidman shouldn't have gotten an Oscar for this

Eric A (ca) wrote: Great movie - the brother's humor and Thea Gill's performance were both spot on.

Jason T (au) wrote: not bad...british horror movie...ouija board summons a djinn that kills young pretty people...i like it.

Matthew D (it) wrote: The performances are great as usual, the rest feels entirely perfunctory. The return creates a mystery, which must be the quickest solved in film, with only one suspect and the explanation behind events makes little sense.

Lori B (it) wrote: Best cast ever for a low budget, relatively terrible movie

Andrew B (fr) wrote: Snoop Dogg is a horrible actor.

Chris W (de) wrote: Jim Kelly, Jim Brown, and Fred Williamson star in an action film directed by Gordon Parks, Jr. with music by The Impressions!?!? HOLY SHIT!!! This sounds like a blaxploitation dream come true. For as fun and entertaining as this movie is however, it is a disappointment since it is not the masterpiece it had the potential to be. That's a damn shame too. I still like this movie, even though it failed to live up to my expectations. The plot involves a group of white supremacists who plot to town the water supplies of three major American cities. The substance they plan to use is lethal...only to African Americans. It's actually a pretty interesting idea. I now know where they came up with the similar plot used in Black Dynamite. The main issue with this film is the script itself. Things are pretty thin and undercooked ,and there's no real character developent. In fact, I can't really remember how the characters are supposed to be connected. I should probably dock this one some more points, but the csst is good, and they're pretty likeable, and the action rocks. That, and the music is pretty hard to dislike as well. Overall, this is a fair enough action romp, even if it's flawed and leaves something to be desired.

MF J (ag) wrote: Woody Allen star and direct in this little comedy that clearly references a lot of Charles Chaplin films. It's well written, smart and quirky. The cast is good and we are quite delighted to watch them going through unexpected adventures and a series of unfortunate events that will change their lives forever. It's a sweet film.

Wade W (gb) wrote: Air Force One benefits from Harrison Ford's excellent, if sometimes unrealistic portrayal of the president and constant thrills. However, underdeveloped characters and a run time that's just too long, hurt the film. The villain could have been much better too.

Bevanna k (jp) wrote: Another Sword and Sandle effort, that fails to hit the mark. Minding numbing dialogue and wooden acting, sends one in search of sanctuary in a quiet room with a good book and a decent amount of alcohol, just to ease the fact you have sat for 87 minutes, which in my honest opinion is 86 and one half second too long watching a bucket of tosh!

Brian L (de) wrote: "Burnt Offerings" follows the commonplace formula of almost all '70s horror movies - a family moves into/visits a haunted house possessed by some unexplained evil force that slowly drives them all to the breaking point. Along the way, a menacing atmosphere is created by dissonant violin squeals, and random flashback sequences depicting something unnerving. The problem with "Burnt Offerings" is that while it manages to successfully create tension in a very unsettling way, it never truly delivers on the scares. Opportunities are missed throughout this entire haunted house romp - the scariest part of this movie was the (incorrect) belief that something startling or frightening was actually going to happen, as I constantly psyched myself out when nothing truly interesting was going on. The concept behind the action is creepy enough, but the action itself is so nonsensical that by the end of the film, nothing has been explained, and thus nothing is particularly memorable or satisfying. If you're an old-school horror movie fanatic, you might get a kick out of this, but there are much better horror offerings from this era for everyone else.