Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft

Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft

Jonah and Ella Mazer are typical teenagers, but strange and frightening things are happening at their new school. They learn that all of their classmates are descendants of witches -- and the two are destined to die.

Twins discover a coven of witches. The brother is recruited to join while the sister uncovers their heritage as witch slayers. When the brother is supposed to sacrifice his sister they instead team up to destroy the Witch of the Woods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joanna R (br) wrote: This is one of my favourite comedies of all time

The Movie W (it) wrote: Young Turkish girl Ayse (Akkaya) marries the handsome Hassan (Muslu) in her small rural village before moving with her husband to his home in Vienna, Austria. The marriage is a sham, however, designed solely to appease the Austrian authorities. On paper, Ayse has married Hassan, but in reality she has become the second wife of Mustafa (Erincin). His first wife, Fatma (Koldas), is accepting of the arrangement as she expects to die from cancer soon. However, Mustafa is the one who passes away, following a heart attack. Ayse becomes the new joint head of the family, much to the chagrin of Mustafa's daughters, who are roughly the same age as her and identify themselves as Austrians rather than Turks.For practically every Western European country, the current political hot topic is immigration. Liberal societies find themselves struggling to accommodate those who arrive from the ultra-conservative culture of Islam. We've seen the issue addressed in several recent films but Turkish-Austrian film-maker Dag is the first to tackle this subject from the side of the Islamic immigrants. Like the sons and daughters of Mustafa, Dag appears to consider himself closer to Austrian culture than that of Islam.The film heavily critiques Islamic culture but does so in an overly melodramatic fashion. If a Muslim family appeared in a TV soap opera, I imagine their story-line would hit all the cliched points we get here; a character is secretly homosexual (Dag seems to offensively suggest Austrian society has "turned" him), while another one embarks on an affair in the local Turkish supermarket. There's not one twist you can't see coming and, while some elements may shock you if you're a radical conservative who lives with your head in the sand, it's all old hat if you're a corrupted western infidel. Akkaya, a stunning and charismatic actress, puts in a great performance but if you want to see a critique of Islam handled in a more mature fashion, I suggest you check out Haifaa Al-Mansour's excellent 'Wadjda'.

Jim C (nl) wrote: If you ever feel like life has handed you lemons, you need to take an hour and a half and watch this film. This kid, Ale, played by Alejandro Polanco, is tough, gritty, hard working, a little street hustler, loves his sister, and tries to make their lives just a little bit better. Izzy, played by Isamar Gonzales, is the loving sister who will do whatever she has to do help him do that.This is a hard film to watch viewed from the perspective of the reality that you feel coming through to you. There's nothing visually stunning in this film; it's raw, dirty, muddy, greasy, sweaty and reeks of bodily fluids automotive. But it will rivet you to your seat like few movies you've seen and for the same reasons that it's no prettier than the place it's set in. That a 12 year old kid would be homeless is bad enough, but that he has to do the same work as an adult makes you wonder whatever happened to sweatshop laws. At the same time, you almost feel like thanking the kid's employer for giving him an opportunity to work and a warm, secure place for the kid and his sister to sleep at nights. I have one of those itches that gets under your skin in places you can't scratch that's the manifestation of the reality that this movie is less fiction than story telling - and story telling in the sense that it's portraying true events. I've gotta give the kid Ale and the actor Alejandro mad props for this film. He waltzed, sambaed, limboed and break danced his way through this role. He's got a very natural presence on screen. Ramin Bahrani's direction was perfectly on the mark and I'll look to find more of his work. Rob Sowulski as the garage owner was great too, and you kind of hope there are some real Robs out there for kids like Ale.Wow, it just didn't seem like an hour and a half. In one sense, you feel like you're stuck in that time dilation phenomenon that happens when you're in a wreck or similar catastrophe, and in another you wish there were 90 more minutes of film. 'Chop Shop' will grab you and it will hold you and it very well may render you helpless to use your remote until it's over. Film with power like that doesn't come from Hollywood anymore, just from people like Bahrani.

Peter N (br) wrote: Worth seeing but a little slow and not enough content. Would have like to have seen a bit more of a factual case made rather than just showing us how ridiculously badly the Bush administration mishandled law enforcement.

Clyde S (es) wrote: Based on the novel The Man of Bronze by Kenneth Robeson (AKA Lester dent) Doc Savage is a fun adventurous movie but overly campy. To those of you who don't know who Doc Savage is, he's a famous pulp hero popular in the mid 30's and into the 40's. There were in total 181 Doc Savage stories written mostly all written by Lester Dent who by the pen name of Kenneth Robeson. On his adventures doc Savage was usually accompanied by The Fabulous Five, his buddies from World War I. There was Johnny the archaeologist, Monk the world famous chemist along with his pet pig Habeas Corpus, Ham the lawyer, Renny the engineer, and Long Tom the electrician. When Superman was first created the inspiration for the character was Doc Savage. Doc Savage was known as "The Man of Bronze" so Superman became "The Man Of Steel". Doc Savage had a Fortress of Solitude in the arctic so naturally Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster felt Superman should have one. Bullets reflected off of Doc Savage and you can guess thats how Superman ability. He had a large penthouse on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. All the actors in the film are perfectly cast for their roles. The effects in the film are awful even for then, considering the producer was a master at special effects. The green death looks really fake, I mean they're animated green snakes. The movie does feature music inspired John Phillip Sousa that gives it a very patriotic feel. One of the henchmen is seen in his adult sized crib in the movie, a scene I can't stand for a good reason. A rare bronze colored 1936 cord Model 810 Coupe is Doc's car used in the film. Overall it's an enjoyable movie if you can get past all of the campy aspects of the film.

Kimi D (kr) wrote: Probably more famous for the edited scene!

Calum P (nl) wrote: One of my favorite Carry On films. Probably one of the best Carry On films as well. Kenneth Williams is so funny. I have seen this film countless times since I was 12 and yet it always seems to be able to make me laugh. The combination of Kenneth Williams, Sidney James and Charles Hawtrey is just classic. Barbara Windsor's laugh is just wild shes like a cackling dolphin.

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: It is good movie to watch

Ian C (es) wrote: Great direction by Alan Parker. Hackman's performance as Agent Rupert Anderson is up there with Popeye Doyle. Dafoe is immense as his superior and Trevor Jones's score is quality.

David B (nl) wrote: favorite all time Western