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Rohn M (jp) wrote: Wow. It's a real thriller. all within the confines of one palatial office during the last days of WW II. Brilliant acting by the two leads.

Miranda C (ca) wrote: looks funny on phone app 7/9

Tommaso D (nl) wrote: Adventureland is a great post-high school teenage drama that feels incredibly authentic.It portrays wonderfully the troubled and hormones-conditioned life of its characters in their early twenties, trying without success not to mess things up.Great performance from Kristen Stewart who proves once again that she's always among the positive aspects of her movies.

Jochen W (es) wrote: Auch wenn dies sicherlich kein Hauptwerk ist: Ich mag Olivier Assayas' hypnotischen Stil sehr, und wie er mit absoluter Beilufigkeit Filme inszeniert, in denen es im Grunde ausschlie?lich um Sex, Drogen und Gewalt geht, in denen an der Oberflche fast nie etwas passiert und wie am Ende dann doch immer sehr viel geschehen ist.

Nada E (es) wrote: Not a perfect film but quite memorable and iconic. Very well written with a good, humble ending.

John S (it) wrote: I thought this was a decent little film in 2002 i kinda was like the character "Riley" i wanted to find the Jersey Devil and i found the movie at my local blockbuster and i liked it. i would give it 3 out of 5 stars because the acting could've been a little better but i thought the effect work on the devil was great! I wish they would make a Volume 2.

Meg D (au) wrote: This movie is so dumb! It's a cheeky way to kill a couple of hours mindlessly though :c)

Morgan K (nl) wrote: A really cute movie, is funny and inspirational!

Dylan D (ag) wrote: Mention Steve Martin, and Roxanne cannot be far behind. Though perhaps not the actor's best work or most famous role (Father of the Bride, The Jerk, and Neal Page from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles may have those markets cornered), his effort here -- and certainly his nose -- represents the actor's most memorable and identifiable feature. Though the movie fades in its final act, Roxanne delivers the goods most of the way through and is well worth watching for the classic Martin performance.

Kevin S (de) wrote: After the death of a concert pianist residents of his Italian manor are haunted by his severed hand."Your flesh will creep at the hand that crawls"This is an old fashioned scare-fest that's best watched late at night with all the lights off. Highly recommended for Peter Lorre fans (like me!).

Francisco F (gb) wrote: Puissance visionnaire de Lang.

Donald D (es) wrote: Honestly, it's the worst of the series despite being the progenitor. The suburbia commentary has been done and done better and to death. It scores points for setting up the universe and the series.

Mike M (ca) wrote: Utterly pointless fourth installment of the Psycho series, with Norman coming to grips with all his past atrocities while - no lie - phoning in to a radio show (the topic of which just happens to be matricide). Told via flashbacks and originally made for Showtime in 1990 - Psycho 4 seemingly ignores much of parts two and three, playing as a direct sequel to the first, with Norman now married to a psychologist who helped 'cure' him . . . or did she? Devoid of any true suspense for 95% of the proceedings, this is one flick you'd be crazy to seek out (except for true horror completists). Then again, we all go a little mad . . . sometimes . . .

Kyle T (au) wrote: Must see...entertainment that's life changing