Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

A contemporary version of the fairy tales Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood converted into a family comedy.

A collection of classic fairy tales such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, with a nod and a wink to contemporary times. The film offers characters such as the 'ugly sisters' Paris ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mrtan C (mx) wrote: Good interweaving stories and dramatic finish. Almost a 1980s pastiche.

Atul R (jp) wrote: Its been a while when new comers did great job in the movie. Haal-E-Dil has every ingredients for a romantic drama movie. Music of this movie is melodious. From the 3 who caught my attention is Nakuul Mehta who plays Shekhar. Amita Pathak is not like Kareena or Katrina but to me i feel she is just another Konkona Sen. Who doesnt have the Bollywood body but does have the Indian beauty with talent. Adhyayan Suman is also did great job but i feel that according to his face and voice he will soon end up in bad guy role. But they all have done great job. They wont make you feel that its a movie by all new comer. I really enjoyed the movie and i recommend everyone who craves for Romantic movie.

Henry F (au) wrote: A good, gritty British drama. But like most other British dramas, it's not the most exciting film to watch. This is still a well made, thoughtful film, with some brilliant performances, especially by the lead role who had never had any type of acting experience before hand. All in all it's a slow but powerful film that shows British realism at its best.

Scott P (fr) wrote: I agree with most reviews that this movie is Karate Kid with UFC thrown in, but I honestly think it improves on the original in many ways. When we meet Jake Tyler, he's all rage issues and anger with talk about his old man being a white hot trigger that sets him off. With quick flashbacks and temper flare-ups with shirts, it feels like his dad could be the villain, but we quickly realize that all that rage is a volcano of guilt for backing down when it came to something that mattered, for not putting up a fight when he should have. It eats at him with everything he does: he doesn't drive because he didn't drive then, he fights because he couldn't fight then, he's a complete mess.He seems fairly loose and willing to give things a try in the move, more than most people would be on their first day I'd think. When he learns that the past has followed him to his new location and he becomes betrayed and trapped into a fight because of past reputation, I feel for him. There are a ton of cameras and online videos in this movie, but it's not about the glory of the internet. It's about the horrors how everything you do can haunt you, like how his entire school knew about his dead father by the middle of the week and used it to bully him into a beatdown. It's also about taking control of yourself so you won't be ashamed of what you do in the future.I really like the use of Hounsou's school as an outlet. I had the mother's same reaction when he continued on getting roped in by Max to live vicariously through him and his fighting prowess. But it wasn't about fighting. It was about dealing with his inner fury, learning to control and manage it so it would no longer control him. It was about healing, and his coach knew it, saw it, and managed it in a safe environment with a steady but forceful hand. There's also no one flat in this movie. Every named character has a motivation, reason, and thing they hate about themselves or their situation that they are dealing with. Max pushes Jake into fighting because that's all he has with his family not around, and seeing someone so good at something he wants to do confuses him. Baha hates the manipulation and the games McDonald creates. McDonald has a home life with an insecure father who makes his kid feel weak to feel strong himself. Jake's mother is dealing with grief and loss and anger of her own, but she can't let it out because she has two kids depending on her, one of whom is going to a very prestigious school and she's at work often judged by the uniform she wears and the amount she's not at home. There's great dynamics between the principal cast.One of my favorite things about the movie was the end. Yes, even though the movie hit all the points of your standard 'underdog vs bully with big tournament showdown' movie points, I can't recall any movie where the main character walks away completely from the tournament. The fact that he wasn't there for the championship, he was just there so no one else in his life would get hurt by stopping the guy doing it, and the way he left it there... the fight after really doesn't matter except for McDonald's character arc. Jake Tyler's already finished his and overcome his demons. I believe that despite a plot we've seen hundreds of times and these rich white suburbanites so bored that they all fight club, the characters were really rich for a film of its type, the fight scenes themselves were really crisp and well-executed, the points it was trying to make were sound and well-founded by the actions and histories of the characters themselves, and Jake Tyler was an infinitely better protagonist than Daniel LaRusso.

Brian C (de) wrote: Make no mistake....this is a bad movie. However, it is pretty entertaining, and has a really awesome backstory. The story is nothing we haven't seen before. Priests perform an exorcism on a spirit that doesn't want to go. Amateur filmmakers are asked to document things. It has a cool POV feel to it, but it is just so low quality, and the acting is horrendous. Which is unfortunate because there is a really great story to be had. The cornfield sequence was very well done and the low quality worked to its benefit. So I give props to that.

Brooks B (kr) wrote: Considering this is the only one I've seen in this franchise, it's pretty funny I kind've still wanna see the 5th one even though the reviews are pretty bad lol

Mac J (de) wrote: One of the worst things ever produced. It's the complete antithesis of the first film. Instead of having nice animation and adult themes in here, they have horrible animation and kiddy themes. This is an example where improvements are a bad thing and you should never fix things that aren't broken. This should be avoided at all costs.

Pwincess N (us) wrote: borinnnn typical indian movie mn

Rick M (it) wrote: Joe Braxton is an ex-con who has been given a second chance to freedom after violating his probation. He has been hired by a school teacher named Vivian Perry to repair and drive an old school bus and drive a group of Special kids to Ms. Perry's Washington Farm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to give them a new home after The Clarmont Center for Children is shut down by the city. The kids have severe mental problems and Joe is not looking forward to the trip at all, but Joe later bonds with Vivian and the children, offering his support and love and changes his outlook on life. But Donald, the social worker and Vivian's lover who gave Joe his break is hot on their tail and wants Joe back in prison. Joe and Vivian must now prevent Donald from sending the children back to Philidelphia where they'll have no future.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Sorry didn't get this. Very predictable and dull.