Happily Never After

Happily Never After

A dramedy redefining the existence of Cole Killian who's large heart and ill judgment leads him into twisted relationship issues causing life destructive consequences.

A dramedy redefining the existence of Cole Killian who's large heart and ill judgment leads him into twisted relationship issues causing life destructive consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Happily Never After torrent reviews

Becky T (gb) wrote: Cute. Took little bit to get warmed up, but then kind of cute.

Georger P (fr) wrote: Not what I expected... more subtle and sensitive... much better.

Wade H (mx) wrote: The true form of cop drama films. Saturated in the grittiness and dark choices of police work. The directing is flawless and the acting is great. Liotta delivers one of his best performances.

Scott B (jp) wrote: One of the funniest and most horrific horror comedies I've ever seen. Truly a must see.

Jonathan L (it) wrote: Highly underrated and quite dark animated feature from 1987 and from the makers of "He-Man", "She-Ra", "Bravestarr", "Ghost Busters" and "Star Trek The Animated Series" Filmation. Featuring the voices of James Earl Jones, Ed Asner, Scott Grimes, Tom Bosley and Rickie Lee Jones, it's a well animated and well done animated movie that i remember seeing in a theater when i was a young boy and it scared the piss out of me especially that terrifying scene where Puppetino turns Pinocchio into a Puppet.A must see especially on Youtube!

Laura M (mx) wrote: I liked it, but I will admit I do prefer Die Hard (1988) to it, but that makes sense because I prefer Willis to Gibson in general. I liked Glover's performance too. I'm totally going to end up watching the rest of the Lethal Weapon movies I'm sure

Kate K (jp) wrote: The cover makes Val Kilmer look so strange. Where are his sideburns?!? Loved this one as a kid though.

Sean C (fr) wrote: What a waste of time.

Tene 3 (de) wrote: The main character is a slimeball, although Rhonda Fleming is babely. Too many sexual overtones and simply too comedic (despite an arresting intro) for the film noir genre.

James H (ag) wrote: One of the three best Charlie Chan murder mystery movies, the entire cast gives great performances. The plot is very interesting and it brilliantly combines comedy with drama, suspense and mystery. Excellent!

Kimberly W (ca) wrote: I absolutely love this movie and it makes me cry every time I see it ~??

Dennis S (es) wrote: Rich Mullins was always a complicated artist; continually riding the line between culturally acceptable and divinely inspired. This movie reflects that dichotomy of a man who wanted nothing more than to golfing God with his life but was plagued with doubts, fears, depression, loneliness, and addiction. In other words, real world problems as opposed to the glitzy church life portrayed in most Christian movies today. Following God does NOT always make things easier or better and Rich's life reflects that. Anyone not aware of Rich's life story may feel dragged down by the length of this film and also find themselves confused at some points that the writer assumes the audience is already well aware of. However, long time fans of Rich's music will find this movie a deep insight in to a true man of God. The director perfectly weaves Rich's songs in to the storyline of the movie, allowing the audience to see the struggles Rich faced when he wrote some of his more famous pieces. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. If you are not familiar with Rich Mullin's life, be gracious with your criticism. However, if you love, and deeply miss this truly gifted artist, than watch and enjoy the film.

Darius B (nl) wrote: This movie enters the category "so bad that it's actually good " ! It's a good laugh I recommend watching this stoned !