Happy Birthday, Gemini

Happy Birthday, Gemini

Based on the off-Broadway smash of the 1970's; a poor Harvard student's romance with a girl hits a rough spot when he realizes , on his 21st birthday, that he's in love with her brother.

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Mathieu B (kr) wrote: 1981 est un bon film avec de bons gags mais l'ide de dpart est plus ou moins originale (y compris le dnouement). Le personnage de Ricardo est attachant et il y a des bons jeux d'acteur mais encore on dirait que e film est trop factuel.

Hussain R (kr) wrote: all he got is style nd gutts.....BILLA RULEZ!

Ben P (ca) wrote: They really shouldn't have bothered to make this. The plot is awful and the acting is also very poor. The acting in these films never was that great, but the other two felt like it was corny on purpose.

Joe W (mx) wrote: This is the first and only film Mel and Griff have written and I can see why. The plot is supposed to be bad. Aliens that happen to look human and talk English with English accents crash on Earth and become famous. 3 of the arrive in England and 1 arrives in America. Everybody in "America" speaks with horrible accents and Bernard tries to get back to the trio.This film could've worked if the jokes we're actually funny, but there's not a single one that made me titter. Some scenes are lazily written, it was Mel and Griff's first movie after all; it's never fully explained why the British Commander is love with Sandra, it just comes out of no-where.I dunno why Mike Hodges directed this, he could've written a film of his own and directed it, but he was asked to do this film which was originally called "Illegal Aliens."There's a shot where the aliens crash land their spaceship on the motorway and we see a couple in the car noticing the spaceship. The car appears to be in front of a blue screen. Why is that shot unfinished? This film just feels lazy.There's references to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Close Encounters. Funnilly enough, "Spaceballs" was originally called "Planet Moron", but because of this film, the title was changed. There's a moment in this film where Bernard is playing "Spaceball". Hmmm.Overall, I'll give this film one star for at least trying and the song is credits is catchy too.

Beau D (ag) wrote: I found the political intrigue not that intriguing, the insight not that insightful, and the message not that inspiring or enlightening.

Nate C (nl) wrote: Lacked resolution to all it pulled you through.