Happy Birthday, Wanda June

Happy Birthday, Wanda June

In this film we see how the members of a family react when the husband returns home, after he abandoned it seven years ago.

A family reacts to the return of the patriarch who abandoned them seven years prior. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Happy Birthday, Wanda June torrent reviews

Nicole G (nl) wrote: Great story, well put together and paced. Sad at times.

Tamara H (br) wrote: This looks like it could be a very good one.

Paul D (es) wrote: Excellent interlaced stories with some good characters and plenty of feeling.

Tom H (kr) wrote: 22.03.2003,17.01.2014

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Daniel A (es) wrote: Absolutely love this movie! It's funny and cute. Obviously not meant to be realistic so don't try to calculate energy difference between lead and gold, but sit back and enjoy!

Charles P (fr) wrote: I laughed almost non-stop through the last 30 minutes which, I'm fairly sure, I wasn't suppose to laugh at. Now this is how you go off the rails!

Ryan D (fr) wrote: Wonderful movie. Most enjoyable

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