Happy Days

Happy Days

Happy Days is an adaptation of Samuel Beckett's challenging absurdist drama, a play most would deem unfilmable. Faithfully adhering to Beckett's minimalist original, a black parody of love, marriage, and our search for meaning in an unfathomable universe, the piece consists of but two pathetic characters. One, wife Winnie, spends the duration of the drama half-buried in a pile of dirt; in true Beckett fashion, her predicament is never explained. The other character, husband Willie, is almost never seen. Dublin stage and screen veteran Rosaleen Linehan, in the lead, is exceptional as the trapped woman clinging to the empty, arbitrary routines and rituals of life, ever hopeful that 'this is going to be a happy day.

A middle-aged woman, half-buried in the earth, chatters away to a taciturn man, who lives in a hole behind her. Later, she is buried up to her neck, and the man does not seem to be about. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karl G (br) wrote: Didn't think this was so bad as it goes. Not scary, but I've seen a lot worse! Weird ending, must be planning Nailbiter2! I'll watch it!

Ce G (jp) wrote: and there is their point of view as well....

Dedmeet C (nl) wrote: This is more a war movie with zombies rather than your typical zombie movie... Once we have that straightened out its actually a pretty good movie.The Finns have a strong culture and legacy with war movies - compliments of a war torn past no doubt - and they know how to make them credible and interesting. Here they have mixed in some living dead into the plot to spice things up a bit, to perhaps ride on the backs of the living dead to popularity. A good idea, but not perfectly executed...Plot wise it leaves a bit to be desired, quite frankly. The logic for the actions and decisions of the characters in this movie falter from time to time, and its not nearly as scary as it should be (dont quite know why).Still - the acting is far better than average for these sorts of movies, and as a war movie it actually works rather well - zombies included. It also has good pace and lots of action, its just not as scary as one expects of a zombie or a horror movie. A let down as a zombie flick, but well worth seeing in its own right though.

Kelly P (gb) wrote: I go to the movies with my children, expecting more than usual princess story of Disney, but I laugh a lot. I love Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams. Very good humour.

Rasmus N (nl) wrote: Nicolas Bro in the role as Nicolas Bro on his way down the drain in this metamovie by Christoffer Boe. It's a weird concept but it makes the movie more believable. As the movie progresses you get a sense of what is going to happen, but nothing really prepares you for it. Nicolas Bro delivers an outstanding and in some ways brave performance as a man who basically just lost his loved one and is trying to get her back.

Dylan D (kr) wrote: i just want to see it so i can make fun of it (i do that alot )

Blair K (de) wrote: this movie was another one of the typical late 90s teen movies that was slicked up and trying to be somthing it wasnt in other words a good movie but instead utterly forgettable. one surprising thing about it is james marsden turned into having a sustained career when everyone else faded so yeah good for him haha

Fayrou K (br) wrote: the most romantic film i have ever seen

Adam P (jp) wrote: Really good kids movie that also addresses adult issues.

Benjamin P (ag) wrote: So star wars of the poor, a few pretty good ideas.

Jason D (gb) wrote: At first glance, one would think the original exploitation cult classic spawned in-name only, cash in inferior sequels, when in fact, thanks to director Larry Cohen never abandoning his baby (no pun intended), the sequels manage to be just as good, still entertaining, and still trying to send off powerful social messages. In It Lives Again, the father of the infamous Davis baby, Frank Davis (the great John P. Ryan returning in another well-played role) returns as a crusader of these monster babies, attempting to liberate them with others in order to keep the babies alive and teach them the ways of society rather than just killing them instantly as most would want done. He drops in unexpectedly into the lives of soon-to-be new parents (legendary character actor Frederic Forrest and Kathleen Lloyd) and informs them that they are the next ones to have a monster baby. As they all attempt to pull these babies together, the police including returning James Dixon and the great John Marley (The Godfather, Deathdream), are hot on their tails, culminating in the escape and ensuing rampage of another baby. The horror in this film is nearly as powerful as the first film, but the message is still strong throughout this as it dances carefully along the lines of abortion. Does man have a right to take the life of a baby, no matter how inhuman it may seem? Though slightly weaker than the original film, It Lives Again still follows in the steps of the first one by taking itself very seriously, yet managing to be entertaining and fun. The Rick Baker monster baby effects are still nice to look at (for their time) and the effective subtle usage and showing of the monster still adds to the mystery of the franchise. Good sequel.

Art S (gb) wrote: Droll, very British heist film that adopts a similar plot to Stanley Kubrick's The Killing (1956). A varied group of ex-military men with different skills (communications, explosives, quartermaster) are recruited by Jack Hawkins to participate in a bank robbery planned according to an American pulp novel ("The Golden Fleece"). Director Basil Dearden builds things slowly as we are introduced to each character (and a very light amount of social commentary about their status/situations post-war). But mostly this is a well-executed adventure film that doesn't really rise to the peaks of the genre (Rififi, The Killing, Big Deal on Madonna Street - all from the years immediately preceding this film) but is enjoyable nevertheless and so very British. The final scene with the drunk interloper is excruciating. Of course, the Brits need their heist films too, of course, but, for my money, The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) wins out over this one too. Still, it was a big hit at the time.

Russell S (es) wrote: OMG! What the hell happened? There just aren't the words to adequately describe the crap fest that is Superman 4. Little to nothing makes sense, the effects are largely dreadful and the editor must have been crying himself to sleep at night with what he had to work with. A pitiful end to the Christopher Reeve era.