Happy Desert

Happy Desert

Jéssica is a teenager from Brazilian Northeast. After being abused by her stepfather, she runs away to Recife, where starts to work with sexual tourism. Then, she meets Mark, a German tourist, and falls in love with him.

Jéssica is a teenager from Brazilian Northeast. After being abused by her stepfather, she runs away to Recife, where starts to work with sexual tourism. Then, she meets Mark, a German ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugh R (it) wrote: Satire and outright comedy can be a mirror for the world to see its faults in a humorous way. They can bare the ugliness of a situation for all to see and yet not be ugly itself. They can make you think, make you laugh, give you a clearer understanding of the world around you, or be just plain wacky fun. This movie does none of that.Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. Kind of. It has its moments, but they are few and far between. It's just that it is so utterly forgettable. It's not awful enough to make me laugh at how bad it is and it's not good enough to make much of an impact. It sought to lampoon the corruption and baleful nature of the modern American campaigning process but instead made the characters so over the top that they never seem plausible even in their own world. Example: A congressman gets caught having an affair in a porta-john in the middle of the day, gets caught making filthy phone calls to his mistress, and PUNCHES A BABY and he still has a chance of winning because he claims his opponent has facial hair like Saddam Hussein? I found myself thinking, "no one would ever take these idiots seriously" and "are every one of their constituents mentally retarded?". I was never quite able to believe the characters really meant to act the way they did and so couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to accept the world the movie took place in.Two things intrigued me and they had little to do with the movie. One, during a scene in which the underdog's campaign manager is trying to teach him how to be manlier, you can see Burt Reynolds guest starring in what appears to be an episode of "The Commish". I really want to watch that episode now. Two, did Dan Aykroyd realize the irony of he and John Lithgow playing the exact same types of characters as the bad guys from his 80s hit "Trading Places"?For a better take on this kind of subject matter, two movies worth watching are "Wag the Dog and "Man of the Year". The first was well ahead of its time as it was made in the late 90s but seemed to point a finger at the administrative foibles of the early 2000s and the second is a fun and interesting look at what would happen if someone like John Stewart were to take his fan's advice and run for office. Both of these movies have wit, great scripts, and wonderful performances and are far more worthy of your precious time than "The Campaign".

Scott R (kr) wrote: Too many slow parts. Could have made the slow parts more retarded to fit in with the rest of the movie.

Eric C (es) wrote: Inexplicably, the best part - Jimmy Page explaining how to play Kashmir as The Edge and Jack White listen intently in awe - is not even in the film and is instead a deleted scene on the DVD. I wish there had been more collaborative work like during the closing credits and less talk about the different strings they use, but it was a decent documentary.

David L (jp) wrote: A relatively fresh take on apparent true events back in 2003, this drama portrays the life of a young 16 year old boy as he becomes engrossed in online relationships that get deeper and deeper with each day. Despite never having laid eyes on any of his chat partners, Mark becomes obsessed with one girl who fears for her life at the hands of her abusive boyfriend. At the request of his new cyber love interest, he befriends and protects her younger brother who is subject to constant bullying at school, and when tragedy strikes with the death of his sister (Marks lover), they take it upon themselves to exact revenge. As tensions grow and Mark becomes entangled with various other chat room friends, the two boys begin to part, until one day they unite under somewhat tragic and shocking circumstances. It's a very low budget and typically British film that captures the traps that the internet poses in today's society. It assesses the threats that teenagers place upon one another with their wild imaginations and proves how easily we can be misled and affected by things that we think are there to protect and educate us. It's a very low key spectacle that has hidden messages as opposed to dazzling special effects and it's inspiration from true events makes it feel like more of a Crimewatch reconstruction than a cinematic masterpiece. Enjoyable for a one time viewing but nothing to be engrossed on a regular basis.

Hctor V (fr) wrote: una especie de ensayo sobre la visin; tiene partes muy fuertes y conmovedoras, pero se cae en la mitad... me puso un poco de malas.

Robert B (br) wrote: The House of Sand features excellent acting and good storytelling. While there may be some problems with the plot itself, it was believable that it was happening to the characters on-screen. I rate it up mainly on account of the fact that I cared about what happened and was rooting for the character played by lead actress to make it out.

Anthony K (ru) wrote: In my opinion, this is Burton's best. It's filled to the brim with his typical mood, flourishes, and flights of creative fancy, but is grounded in a biopic story which on its own is already totally compelling. I absolutely love it.

William W (fr) wrote: Not one of my favourite Bond films by a country mile but still so much fun. The recent complete-James-Bond-on-blu boxed set that was released has been my ONLY time seeing Sean Connery's last 'official' outing as 007 not edited for television and full screen, so it's basically my first-time REALLY seeing it. Decent. Even at his worst, horribly toupeed, and albatrossed with a script that's simply OUCH, it still oozes and smashes from the fact Connery's still the best Bond ever.

Ali T (ca) wrote: not better then the first but still a classic . Mike Epps did great .

Tyler E (us) wrote: One of the Coens best