Happy Hotel

Happy Hotel

The film is a black comedy about a group of people who try and work their way out of an unfortunate set of circumstances.

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Happy Hotel torrent reviews

Andrew C (fr) wrote: To say this movie was animated is a gross overstatement. Jiggling the same digital paper doll for an hour and a half does not qualify as anything short of obnoxious. The only people that would find this abortion even remotely appealing are the same kind that derive genuine entertainment from daytime television. I couldn't get through the first scene. No stars!

Ryan J (ru) wrote: your typical english film about lowlifes, prostitution and gangsters but this time involving paedophilia as well. nothing special about this one, full of fuckwits you just wish to die. was expecting something better.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: The plot is more coherent and the action is staged more interestingly with some cool moments, but could someone please ask the gentleman holding the camera to take a few steps back and stop shaking the camera all over the place.

Vadim D (ag) wrote: It's just not as fresh as it was when it came out. The material feels more dated and stale. Still the performances are quite good, especially Matt Dillon, and Gus Van Sant shows he can tell a story regardless of the themes

Bruce B (nl) wrote: This movie shows us once again that anyone can have a screwed up loving relationship. And for all the single girls out there who thing the man they are having an affair with are every going to leave there wife's, let's just say your chances of winning the lottery are better. In this movie we see French sculptor Camille Claudel develops her talent and ambition. In the process she catches the attention of legendary sculptor Auguste Rodin. Who she falls madly in love with and his passion for her is undeniable. But after Rodin turns her away and favor's his wife, her passion turns into rage, and her work once at its height in France tumbles, and she is committed for years in a mental institution. More or less the life and times of Camille Claudel . Get a large bag of Pop Corn, 2 Pizza's and a quart of ice cream as this is a long one in French with English Subtitles. Did you expect different I doubt that 1 out 500 Americans even know who Camille Claudel was. 3 1/2 stars.

Leah A (kr) wrote: This is one of my favorite film noir movies with a good plot and solid performances, especially by Mr. Fantasy Island himself, Ricardo Montalban. The early forensic techniques employed are a nifty added bonus to this already good movie.