Happy Journey

Happy Journey

Aaron a young blind boy from Fort Kochi aspires to become a cricketer. In order to realize his dream, he joins the Indian Cricket team for the blind where he meets coach Gopalkrishnan. A ray of hope shines in their lives as he encourages them and instills hope in their heart.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Happy Journey torrent reviews

Tracie C (fr) wrote: I am so glad I saw this movie BEFORE reading any of the reviews. It seems like it's really gotten slammed for having too many sports movie cliches. True, it is filled with them, and occasionally they were excessive to the point of awkward. But the message is SO inspirational, I would consider this movie a MUST see. I wouldn't quite rank it up there with Remember the Titans, but I think it was an awesomely inspiring sports movie. It's hard to find one truly fit for all ages anymore, too, so that was nice. It made me laugh and cry. Great story about focusing on what's really important, about being part of a team, and about overcoming adversity. I personally loved it!

Aksel Z (au) wrote: mthi? keyifli bi film! =)

Gavin P (us) wrote: Maybe I should have watched this before 2 Days In New York - which I really enjoyed - but I definitely did not find this as charming or enjoyable. Maybe it's because it's in France & focuses on how annoying/pretentious most French people are, or maybe it's because Adam Goldberg is nowhere near as likable as Chris Rock. Either way, it's still farcical in parts and nice to see Rose, Manu & Jeannot again. Good, but not great.

Private U (ca) wrote: The idea of doing ten role's in a lame movie is nothing short of 'some' people in this world 'trying to be clever' I hear it's a big hit - well done, the audience is fooled, which in return make's a lot of money This film should actually be re-released as a tribute to Madame Tussauds, since Kamal's get up's certainly look like wax model's HUH!

Jey A (nl) wrote: Ooh, I've got a callas on my finger cuz I hold my pencil wrong...

Trent S (br) wrote: Confusing movie but was very interesting. It was based off of a true story but the movie doesn't explain everything.

Bart (fr) wrote: ooh how to forget thisI watched it like ALL the time

Kris W (ca) wrote: King of the Zombies was a dissapointment, i was hoping for something featured on the same dvd as the silent movie Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde to be alot better. All the scenes in the movie feel very awkward, but maybe thats just because I found the the black stereotype character very annoying and unnecessary. The doctor to me seemed like a less smoothe rip-off of Dracula, obviously no where near as cool or creepy. Some of the acting was ok, but nothing special. The ceremony drum scene is very laughable, it looks and sounds ridiculous, and the ending is pretty lame aswell.

Dustin J (kr) wrote: terrible unrealistic garbage