Happy Killers

Happy Killers

An unemployed man and a less than exemplary detective clash while trying to catch a serial killer.

An unemployed man and a less than exemplary detective clash while trying to catch a serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (au) wrote: A Horrible Way to Die (Adam Wingard, 2010)Note: this movie was provided to me free of charge by Amazon Vine.I started watching A Horrible Way to Die some time ago and got sidetracked; I only got back round to finishing it tonight, quite a while later (over a year later, if memory serves); because of this, I went back to the beginning and watched the entire thing again. It turns out that aside from a few flashes, I'd totally misremembered the bit I'd seen; I'm not sure whether that says more about the movie or me, but I found a great deal of it about as forgettable this time round. I've been a big fan of Adam Wingard's ever since I caught Home Sick, his first feature (viz. review 7Feb09). A Horrible Way to Die, Wingard's third feature, feels like an attempt to branch out. In that sense, it's an admirable thing. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it worked.Plot: Garrick Turrell (The House of the Devil's AJ Bowen), a serial killer, seizes an opportunity and manages to escape from prison. He's on his way home to his ex-girlfriend Sarah (Tiny Furniture's Amy Seimetz), now a recovering alcoholic trying to get on with her life, taking the first tentative steps toward romance with fellow ex-drunk Kevin (Kissing on the Mouth's Joe Swanberg). Unfortunately, Garrick popping up could certainly throw a monkeywrench into those plans...The biggest problem with the movie is scriptwriter Simon Barrett (DeadBirds)'s attempt to tell the story in a fragmented, non-linear fashion. (He tries to keep the viewer grounded by changing Garrett's facial hair at the center of the fragmented time period; it does work, in a limited fashion, once you've seen the scene where Garrett shaves.) This isn't Memento; it's a genre horror film, big twist ending, naked dead bodies, gratuitous violence, and all, and it would have benefitted from simply being a genre horror film. It's not a terrible thing as is, but I got the feeling a number of times as I watched that a simple presentation would have become the material a great deal better than what we ended up with. ** 1/2

Jonathan G (us) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson as a sword-wielding samurai... with an afro - you bet that I'm interested. Add Lucy Liu as a beautiful hell-bent woman seeking revenge and you've got a good movie, even if it's a cartoon. I watched the mini-series first and it was nearly the same thing, only with less flashbacks (which was good). Lots of blood and violence. Lacking a lot of heart. The Afro Samurai character is bland and almost in a trance the entire movie.

Nguyen Thuy H (ru) wrote: I am not sure why the film is reviewed so negatively by many sites, including JR, who I understand not to be always good. But why? When just by watching the cross-cut editing and listening to the hypnotic film score, you could have easily fallen in love with it. Certainly not a 'great' film in the traditional sense, but based on how well-orchestrated (and how sly) it is, When Will I Be Loved deserves more widespread recognition.

Stephen N (it) wrote: This movie was so bad it left me feeling sick after watching it.

Ryan T (nl) wrote: A sensitive and emotional portrayal of a mentally disabled woman and her family's journey to understanding and acceptance. Beautifully executed photography captured the rich Flemish imagery. Van der Groen, Petersen, Bergmans, and others inject a humanness that might be otherwise lost by other less skilled actors. A moving story I recommend to anyone.

Randi S (it) wrote: keep your peckers up

Leslie S (au) wrote: Love love Frida the story is great and the music is out of this world

Vadim D (it) wrote: There is a lot going on in here and the film jumps all over the place. Spike Lee definitely attempts to tell an ambitious story, and there are moments when you feel like he almost succeeds. But ultimately the film stumbles over its' own lofty ambitions.

Cain L (fr) wrote: A crazy, gory 2 hour spectacle that boasts satirical themes of jingoism and fascism in U.S. foreign policy and the military, esp. when it comes to recruiting people.

Robyn M (ag) wrote: "Unpredicable, charming and off beat..."Chevy chase and Daryl Hannah play it safe in a swift sci-fy comedy- adventure that fails to push limits and pass boundaries.Somehow i was glued to the TV screen, curious to find out how they'd reverse Chase's invisble body back to normal. Even the ending toke me by surprise.

Cameren L (de) wrote: A boldly and brilliantly unconventional biopic of the enigmatic and tragic Japanese author Yukio Mishima, Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters is by far Paul Schrader's greatest moment in the director's chair. Schrader creates a disturbing, affecting, and haunting collage from stellar and surreal dramatizations of Mishima's fiction, B&W episodes from his life (ranging from a sickly young boy who has an intriguing sexual awakening to the most acclaimed writer in the country), and a depiction of the hours leading to Mishima's failed coup d'tat speech and infamous ritual suicide in 1970.Not always successful, but always interesting and unquestionably worth checking out. A Life In Four Chapters is a breath of fresh air as a biopic.

Simon H (it) wrote: Bonnie and Clyde falls into a group of films that have a major problem with it. It is based on true events meaning the outcome of the film has to be presented in a way which still keeps the audience interested even though they are aware of how it ends. The director manages to keep you watching by his well chosen cast. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway blend together well and are clearly having fun making it. Michael J. Pollard and Gene Hackman also give in fun performances.Whilst the topic may be serious, it is presented here in a lighter manner. With nothing to have to think about, you can just enjoy a good old fashioned tale about a group of crooks travelling. The music featured may seem a bit distracting at first but as the films plays on you can see how that playful style works. Even with the shoot outs against the police, the film still finds time for some light humour. Gene Wilder turns up in a small part which is so humorous that you would surprise yourself that it actually happened. If I had to fault anything, then it would be the sudden stop at the end but this is nothing to fault the film with. Not too long and not too short, Bonnie and Clyde is a fun crime film that shouldn't be taken seriously.

Eric H (de) wrote: The Marx Brothers lampoon higher education in this loosely plotted, high-energy film. Although some will find fault in the directing, and others will be less than impressed with some of the supporting roles, look past the faults and just enjoy the show. Groucho is at his finest, a new college president with rapid-fire dialog and a sensational collection of one-liners. Chico plays the easily-confused iceman to near perfection with his deadpan delivery. Zeppo plays the student (and son of Groucho's character, oddly enough), and lends his fine singing voice to a tune or two. Harpo is the sweetly manic dogcatcher with good luck on a telephone. Be sure not to miss Thelma Todd in her sweet/dangerous role as the "college widow". For perfect direction and technical excellence, go see "2001 - A Space Odyssey"; for belly-laughs and grins for over an hour, watch "Horse Feathers"!

Private U (br) wrote: Delightfully Loach-esque, with the added bonus of being probably the best film to start off on Ken Loach if you don't really know his work.