Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Gangster (Lino Ventura) with his accomplice (Charles Gérard), prepares to take part in the "first psychological hold-up in the history of crime". Next door to the jewellers of Van Cleef & Arpels, on the Croisette, in Cannes, the find the shop of a beautiful antiques dealer (Françoise Fabian) who befriends the group. The driver and the antiques dealer fall in love. He is friendly but unrefined, she is cultivated and independent, but discovers that talking with Simon shows up her vanity, and she desires a simple and clean love. The hold-up which had been planned for a long time by the driver is shown to be more sophisticated than his methods of seduction.

Released from prison apparently under a New Year amnesty, a criminal tries to pick up the threads of a life changed not only by his daring plan to rob a jewellers in out-of-season Cannes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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khalvic b (us) wrote: Im a game fan but he suck as a acter. and how dare they make a belly2 without hype williams direction, belly is a masterpiece excellent camera shots and colors. this shit kinda suks maybe good to a simple person.

Ty P (kr) wrote: The attempt at comedy just sucks any notion out of this movie being any good.

Caitlin L (jp) wrote: Love Sandra in this movie. Her entrance after makeover is the best.

Ty L (us) wrote: Haha super funny loved it

Charles P (ag) wrote: Confused? Yes. This clan betrayed that clan, that clan might betray other clan, clan, betrayal, subtitles, so many subtitles. It's my fault for not speaking Japanese that I was confused. Time to get out the Rosetta Stone language kit to learn Japanese so I can fully understand what the hell is going on. Get right on that.

Hunter D (gb) wrote: For die-hard Ed Wood fans only. JAIL BAIT isn't a movie about the perils of pulling a Polanski, but rather the perils of carrying a concealed pistol (which is what the title refers to). It was Wood's follow-up to his surreal transvestite classic GLEN OR GLENDA? and it's less ambitious than BRIDE OF THE MONSTER or PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, and is therefore less entertaining as a trashy Z-grade movie. You won't get any silly monsters, flying saucers, or a hammy Bela Lugosi, instead we get what seems to be an early ancestor of John Woo's FACE/OFF in goofy film-noir clothes. What makes JAIL BAIT less entertaining than Ed Wood's sci-fi and horror efforts is that it feels more competent, which isn't to say it isn't bad, which it is. It has bad blocking, on-the-nose unnatural dialogue, and the least-thrilling car chase in movie history (on of the movie's more humorous moments). It also has a hilariously understated musical score that will haunt your dreams and score your worst nightmares by the end, a guitar track that sounds like something Robert Rodriguez wrote during a bout of intense drinking. The movie has a mildly engaging climax though, so props for that I guess. In the end, JAIL BAIT is lacking in those Ed Wood moments that make his movies so endearing, transcending their badness into kitsch art. More than any of his other movies in his classic run of films, JAIL BAIT just feels like a plain ol' bad movie, which isn't nearly as fun.

Rachel B (ru) wrote: Impressive, but not as much fun as some of Lloyd's other films.

Power S (ru) wrote: There is nothing like this anymore. If you are younger and have never seen this movie, you are missing not just a classic, but a truly good time.

Barry H (jp) wrote: Actually found this better than I thought it would be

Mohammad H (mx) wrote: What a great argument ??