Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Small time crooksters Nick and Charlie have an elaborate plan to rob an exclusive jewelers store. Using a variety of disguises and posing as rich old men and women they begin the set-up, but then Nick falls for the owner of a neighboring antique store and things get a little complicated.

Small time crooksters Nick and Charlie have an elaborate plan to rob an exclusive jewelers store. Using a variety of disguises and posing as rich old men and women they begin the set-up, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas M (ru) wrote: Bronies, including Pegasisters, are people who enjoy the cartoon show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. If you can already imagine how teenagers and adults might feel ostracized based on their identification with cartoon horses and togetherness during Brony conventions, then this documentary has nothing to offer you. Will every fandom get this kind of treatment? Maybe bronies should get the "7 Up" treatment where we measure the impact of My Little Pony over the course of their lives. As it stands, this documentary has no more insight than an Apple fan ranting about a new iPhone. Have you consumed the new thing yet? Wasn't it great? Let's be friends.I remember watching the first couple of episodes of the cartoon when some friends clued me in to it growing a huge fanbase, and it seemed like a harmless, positive cartoon aimed at young girls. How come in all of the interviews with the bronies and show's creators, nobody can explain the show's appeal at length? "Grown-ups like to hear reinforcing messages about self-esteem and friendship," okay, I get that. Anything else? There's a common thread of social awkwardness and shyness among the filmed bronies, and I don't think this penetrated their personal shields at all, partially because the movie's personalities have all the insight of children returning from a field trip. Go big or go home, documentary! Either buckle down and really examine what makes these bronies tick, or delve into the weirdest possible subjects and risk painting the entire subculture in a negative light. Otherwise, this is just a 90-minute "like."

abdulla r (kr) wrote: coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

LeighAnne Z (it) wrote: This was such a great movie. I saw the world premiere. Good story, great acting, all around great!!

La R (au) wrote: I saw this movie but I still don'y know what the concept was. Did the dad molest her and the uncle watch

Thomas W (ru) wrote: The title makes no sense unless you know the main character's DJ name is "Delicious D". Sympathy for Delicious is well-respected actor, Mark Ruffalo's (The Kids Are All Right, Zodiac, Shutter Island) directorial debut and it was penned by one of his long-time friends who happens to play D (Christopher Thornton, a paraplegic who wrote the screenplay because of the lack of roles available to him in Hollywood). D was an up-and-coming music DJ in the rock world of SoCal until he is injured and finds himself confined to a wheelchair ... the story begins after this has happened and we find D living out of his car on Skid Row where he comes to the attention of a local priest played by Ruffalo. After a chance encounter with a fellow homeless man, D finds out he has been given a Divine gift and can miraculously heal others (alas ... he is unable to heal himself). The priest puts him to work doing God's will ... until D gets it in his head that he should be making TONS of money for healing people and he makes a name for himself with the help of an odd rock group that decides to cash-in on his abilities (Orlando Bloom [Lord of the Rings, Elizabethtown] and Juliette Lewis [Cape Fear, Strange Days] play fellow bandmates). By making such a spectacle of himself ... D opens himself up for all kinds of scrutiny and he isn't up to the task of taking it all in. It doesn't help that his lone friend in the band, Lewis, sees him as a sell-out which causes her to spiral out of control. Bad things happen ... and I didn't believe much of it (but with this premise ... come on) which makes THIS story that much harder to accept. If there are some major stretches taken early-on, why is there no leeway later?! It is simply the errors of screenwriting 101 I am sure ... but this is a difficult story to make humorous. I viewed it as much more of a tragedy as it is a film about some VERY lost individuals; but some might find it funny/hilarious (I didn't ... laughing at an actress pretending to have cerebral palsy isn't laugh-out-loud funny). Sympathy for Delicious has some good moments and it is a promising debut from a new director; but the subject matter is simply too tricky. Had it presented/sold itself differently from the outset, I might have viewed it differently ... but there is a bit too much ultimate trite-ness here for me to appreciate (not to mention D isn't very LIKE-able).

Chris E (mx) wrote: Every fan of Discworld will have their own image of each character. Therefore it's an impossible task to please everyone when making a Discworld book into a movie. Some you win, some you lose. To me, this is not a great movie as it doesnt match my own ideas and lacks the pace of the book but it is still good and a decent introduction for those who havent yet started the series.

Jason S (mx) wrote: A pretty decent adaptation.

David Ray G (kr) wrote: How to begin reviewing this movie? If it can be called a "movie." I don't know which their intentions were for this film, but I'm sure they failed big time. You can either see this film as bad gay porn covered up with anti-american political propaganda or you can either see it as an anti-american political propaganda with too much gay sex in. Besides that, the fact that the setting and the actors are all German and they were all speaking in English made it look like a bad voice-over since their accents were beyond horrible. There is absolutely no storyline in this film, the scenes are badly edited and not connected with the previous or next scene and the director's attempt to make it a revolutionary film didn't even come close to becoming reality. Just a bad film nobody needs to see.

steve p (jp) wrote: Great acting all round, especially Ben Kingsley playing Amir Behrani, a general from Iran. After moving to America to live the dream, he finds it hard to make ends meet. That's until he purchases a cheap house after the previous owner is evicted due to the none payment of taxes. Unfortunately Kathy Connelly believe she is still the true owner of the house because of a misunderstanding. Amir though is keen to sell the house on at nearly four times as much as he bought it. Meanwhile Cathy gets involved with a Police officer who threatens Amir with deportation. Everything escalates before the finale. Good film.

Rated N (us) wrote: A cliche with heart, anchored to a rather timely issue brought to light which hasn't been resolved for over 20 years now.

James H (br) wrote: Vivid and believable characterizations, excellent performances by everyone, but Edward Furlong and Jeff Bridges are awesome, and really give the feel they are father and son. It's not a cheery film, rather a very convincing portrait of two people down on their luck and struggling to make a living. Memorable and well written.

Greg K (au) wrote: Seriously, why not build the observatory in the city where it is "Less Foggy"

Martin G (es) wrote: Un grand classique de l'animation, Fantasia est une russite en tout point et est un must voir pour tout les fans de cinma et bien sur , de Disney

Alicia P (gb) wrote: Great movie but it could've ended better.