Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends


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Brent B (mx) wrote: Intriguing portrait of a tragic genius.

Leonardo Malacay S (it) wrote: Universitarios, tetas, golf y tetas

Jahir H (au) wrote: Dreyfuss ... como fue que trabajaste en esta mierda ...

Lance H (au) wrote: I enjoyed it, good shit

Spiros K (de) wrote: It could have been a much much better movie... but it seemed like everyone in the film had to have at least 2 lovers and all the men were bi- at best... It just felt a bit tiring... FYI, in Greece it was called "Oxygen" and the poster was NOTHING like the international one :-P This society is much more conversative than it appears on film.

Adam A (au) wrote: "Candyman" is quite the yawnfest, however with some neat setpieces and a beautiful score, it brings you an eerie atmosphere.

Lee K (ru) wrote: Tear jerker, run of the mill however, Jack Lemmon is the one to watch in this one.

Li F (mx) wrote: It's somewhat frustrating to watch, and not necessarily one of my favourite Leigh films (lacking his signature humour.. but also his best comedic actors) but it's on my top ten because the relationship between the brothers speaks to me.