Captures a generational moment - young people on the cusp of truly growing up, tiring of their reflexive cynicism, each in their own ways struggling to connect and define what it means to love and be loved. Six New Yorkers juggle love, friendship, and the keenly challenging specter of adulthood. Sam Wexler is a struggling writer who's having a particularly bad day. When a young boy gets separated from his family on the subway, Sam makes the questionable decision to bring the child back to his apartment and thus begins a rewarding, yet complicated, friendship. Sam's life revolves around his friends — Annie, whose self-image keeps her from commitment; Charlie and Mary Catherine, a couple whose possible move to Los Angeles tests their relationship; and Mississippi, a cabaret singer who catches Sam's eye.

The movie tells the story of a group of young New Yorkers on the cusp of truly growing up, tiring of their reflexive cynicism, as they try to navigate a rocky course of careers and personal relationships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Migg R (kr) wrote: the movie was raw and gritty. several scenes struck a chord and i was genuinely feeling grief and pain for the characters. however, i found myself following only two or three of the story lines. so there was definitely a lack of flow and connection with the rest of the stories. nevertheless, i would recommend this movie....

Bruce B (mx) wrote: This one was to long and just to silly and unrealistic. On the face of it this film looked like it might be really good - it isn't.The cast is pretty good, but most of them seemed embarrassed by the whole thing. The real disaster in this film is not the flood, but the script. It attempts to include every clich in the book, all done incredibly poorly. The ending is very abrupt, but this is a blessing in disguise. Congragulations if you make it that far.All three main male actors (Carlyle, Courtney and Suchet) would surely agree that this is the low point in their careers. I hope they got paid a lot of cash, because none of their reputations come out in tact.The special effects are quite good, but the same thing was done to much better effect in The Day After Tomorrow.In short, a pointless exercise. Don't waste your time 1 star. 5 -20-13

Jackson P (it) wrote: Not nearly as good as the book and ending was kind of terrible

Hanna T (mx) wrote: A spinoff of the story used in "Chasing Liberty" and has small diferences.

Emma F (de) wrote: This sequel isn't 'better' than the original, but it isn't exactly worse either. If you enjoyed the original then you'll likely enjoy this one.

Maria Z (jp) wrote: No comment. Please don`t watch this... For your own good.

Keith H (gb) wrote: No one seriously remember anything about this movie except for the fairly sweet VHS cover, and, of course, the fucking bishop of battle. One of my better moments of watching horror as a little kid was screaming USE THE GUN ON THE REST OF THE MONSTERS INSTEAD OF TWO YOU DUM DUM.

Orlok W (au) wrote: A Go-For-Broke Gagfest--Not as memorable as Mel's classics,but funny just the same!!

Peter P (mx) wrote: Fantastic performance from Dustin Hoffman in this profanity filled bio pic of comedian and public critic Lenny Bruce. It moves at a good pace and seems to cover his life pretty well, although it ends pretty sadly, as did Lenny Bruce.