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Haqdaar torrent reviews

Artur C (it) wrote: 80 very long minutes. However, the ending is really nice.

Jeff H (it) wrote: A good documentary of the band "The Runaways". It stands out since the members were around 16 when the band broke out. What does show business do to a under age group of woman? ...verbal/emotional/sexual abuse by their producer, drug abuse and conflicts between band members.

jordan s (au) wrote: Best movie of all time!!!!!!!!!!

Greg B (jp) wrote: A great creepy movie from my childhood. Hardly anyone I know has seen it.

Robin E (nl) wrote: Probably the most anti-Disney movie ever, this takes the saccharine all-American Christmas Frank Capra town and subjects it to a gleeful and vicious assault by nasty little gremlins. Slow to start, the Gizmo character is an endearing little creation but when his progeny take centrestage, the film takes some nasty turns. Its sheer delight in abusing its ciphers of characters gets a bit wearing.

Ted W (ca) wrote: This is the worst superman film so far in the original trilogy. The super villains in this movie are terrible, the worst villains in a superman movie of all time. Not a lot of Lois lane in this movie for some odd reason, just this Lana person that Clark went to high school with. Their is a scene in this movie when superman faces Clark Kent with peers and they separated. Where is the physics in that. I hope superman 4 is much better than this boring self vs self superman movie.

Robert F (ru) wrote: An almost perfect sleazy horror/comedy, much in the same spirit of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it earlier. What really sets it apart from other movies like it is the great chemistry between our two villains. A must see for slasher fans!

Sam S (ca) wrote: Basically, a perfect film.

Gemma B (de) wrote: What can i say - superb, except i am a bit confused, on my dvd it stated the film was in colour (i was shocked and excited as i had thought it was in B/W), yet when i came to watch the film it was in b/w ~ tut! It was a bit sad, as this is the last Vivien Leigh i shall watch (since i have watched all of the available others). I have read the book, and enjoyed that significantly and the film just polished my view. Vivien Leigh was devastatingly good - i love her drunken scenes! The dwarf concluded the tale superbly!

John Y (fr) wrote: A glorified retelling of the early life of an American hero.

Mitchell B (fr) wrote: Once you get past the cheesiness, this is a great movie

renee b (it) wrote: Boring with a disappointing ending.

Nick B (ca) wrote: Funny flick. Two people snowed in. Talking bout real isht. Miles Teller has been consistently good in everything thing I've seen him in... Now I know why I haven't heard new Kid Cudi tracks. Dude popping up all over movie and television...