The Buddah priest wants the Daughter of the Daimyo to become a priest at the Forbidden Garden. The Daimyo thinks, if he was in Europe, that his daughter should decide on her own, but he is denuciated and has to comit harakiri. She meets Olaf, falls in love and marries him but after a few months he has to return to Europe. She gave birth to a child and is waiting for him, while he marries in Europe. When he comes back to Japan 4 years later, he is accompained by his European wife...

The Buddah priest wants the Daughter of the Daimyo to become a priest at the Forbidden Garden. The Daimyo thinks, if he was in Europe, that his daughter should decide on her own, but he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Harakiri torrent reviews

Thalath K (kr) wrote: THE STORY IS ALL ABOUT "Once upon a time there lived aisha.............................................................who lived a very happy life.END

Leo B (gb) wrote: real funny.. good twist on alien movies.. funny

Panayiota K (mx) wrote: The ugly and fat characters are not that fat ugly and fat but i like the premise of the movie and the chemistry between the couple.

Stephanie G (gb) wrote: Cute movie about friendship.

Akira J (de) wrote: Funnier and darker than the last. An awesome movie that is definitely worth the watch. I highly recommend it.

David W (mx) wrote: A great coming of age film with a beautiful 80s soundtrack. Plus Boomboxes!!!!!

Anthony A (gb) wrote: Not up to par with Melville's earlier crime masterpieces, but still a wonderfully written and filmed crime story none the less.

Peter C (kr) wrote: brilliantly insane hammer film, with Christopher Lee chewing the scenery as a drinking, womanising, schemer with odd powers. Great atmosphere and a terrific ending where Lee keeps surviving murder attempts.

Zoran S (it) wrote: It's somewhat mawkish and predicable but I think it's very successful nonetheless. It's an interesting look at the costs of getting involved in a war.

John O (es) wrote: one of the strangest heist movies i've even seen. try not to miss the turkish oil wrestling scene that kicks off the climax.

Jennifer W (us) wrote: very sweet film amusing too,as it was only usual for their to be gi brides and the system geared to this ,the problems of a frenchman(Grant)trying to get home with his wife...he diguises himself as a woman(very ugly one)hence the title

Brandon W (mx) wrote: Three years after the first Halloween movie, John Carpenter and Debra Hill come back to be involve with the sequel, but only as the writers and producers of it, which there has to be a new director. When seeing that Rick Rosenthal is the director of Halloween after realizing that he also directed Halloween: Resurrection which turns out to have terrible reviews, I was a bit worried about the film. While it's not nearly as much of a classic as the first movie, Halloween II is a good sequel that definitely feels like a Halloween movie. The score by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth is pretty good and is still just as creepy as the first score. Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence are still great as ever, and Michael Myers is still creepy as ever. The new characters are pretty forgetful, and they are just there to be stabbed to death. While I was fine with the pacing in the first movie, I think the second film took its time for way too long, and I ended up being boring in some moments. There are some insane moments which is pretty cool, and the kills are pretty good, which I'm glad that it's not very gory even though John Carpenter wanted the sequel to be bloodier, which in today's gore feat, this is pretty tamed. It repeats some of the moments from the first film which were not as effective, and the climax is not as suspenseful, even though it is a bit entertaining to watch. There are some scary moments that got me, and definitely felt like a conclusive film to me. Even though it feels like the filmmakers didn't care as much as they did on the first movie, they still create a enjoyable enough movie that is probably one of the best sequels that has Michael Myers.