Hard as Nails

Hard as Nails

Unordained evangelical minister Justin Fatica and his Hard As Nails Ministry promote the gospel to all Christian faiths and reach out to the MTV generation.

Unordained evangelical minister Justin Fatica and his Hard As Nails Ministry promote the gospel to all Christian faiths and reach out to the MTV generation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael A (it) wrote: Thank you Lord for guiding me to this powerful story, an answer to my prayers!

Kaye H (ag) wrote: Hide Away is one of those unique movies that draws you in to its silence, its unfolding story, its sensitivity, and its journey. Eyre's direction is a major part of the film itself in his choices of scene, angle, perspective, pans, cut a-ways, and close-ups. The scenery is a character as much as the actors. The beauty of Lake Michigan (?), in all the seasons of this journey, has a profound effect on the viewer as well as the main character. Personally, I relate to sailboats and the seasonal themes of life on a Great Lake. This may have amplified my respect for the nearly black and white still shots that permeate this film. The fact that we never--never--know that names of the major characters is almost unnoticeable. The mysterious drama moves us forward with tense imagery and soft sympathy. We know something terrible haunts this man's past, driving him to hide away from what he cannot escape. We want him to face it and survive. Hide Away is an emotional and satisfying journey toward redemption.

Alex C (jp) wrote: A direct-to-video prequel-sequel better than the first. Which really isn't saying much, because The Messengers was a terrible movie.

David Ray G (br) wrote: This is a well-made documentary, it studies in the small scale a larger issue, commonly known as real estate development and global warming. But, honestly, no matter how great this documentary is...the world is falling apart and they make movies that investigate why the Austin residents can't swim in a river?

Heather M (jp) wrote: I might try to watch this again someday, but the first go around the movie didn't hold my attention.

Justin S (de) wrote: Cool ideas,but not much else.

Aves S (mx) wrote: nice actin from both AB and MB

KaWai L (de) wrote: FUNNY,a killer loved a killer

kamyar m (de) wrote: An underrated variation of Bonnie and Clyde, it focusses on errors in the systems, driving too many people to the edge!

Jesse O (us) wrote: This movie puts to test my theory that John Cleese makes any movie he's in instantly better. While John Cleese plays this dignified gentleman (as mentioned on this site's description) to perfection the movie just isn't funny at all. It's just a buildup to the speech he gives at the conference and while the speech is great, the road to get there is very bumpy. The one character that was really funny was Mr. Jolly, this guy would NEVER finish his sentences, NEVER. Granted it's a character that probably worked because he wasn't really given that much screen time whatsoever. If he had been all over the movie, his shtick would've gotten old and quick. But, at the same time, he's not featured enough to make the movie better. I'm not really saying it's a bad movie (two stars feels way too generous) but it's just not funny at all, minor a few exceptions here and there. I really wouldn't recommend this movie at all, even if you must watch every movie John Cleese has ever been in. You can do far better than this film, especially since it's 96 minutes of your life that you will NEVER get back. Think about that, at the end of your life wouldn't you have wanted back these 96 minutes to play with your grandchildren some more???

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: A comedy about lying is difficult to approve of and yet Zemeckis' team and presentation will at least have you consider it's viability. The fantasy, about two used car dealerships vying for dominance in the desert Southwest, is a decent platform for the general thesis, a natural one. Where else does one expect lying as a given (and don't say politics or prostitution, cause that's too easy)? Sure, like lying, they go a little overboard, but it's all in good fun.

Antonio A (kr) wrote: Although it is the portrait of controversial times for humanity, Triumph of the Will is an amazing historical document both in its level of importance as in achieving the highest level of excellence in cinematographic technique.

Graydon B (us) wrote: Definetly gorier and darker than other Indiana Jones films, with some of Indiana Jones' most annoying allies, however this film is still a good film in many ways!

Bradley K (de) wrote: A very compelling story about redemption. Perhaps not Sirk's strongest work but fabulous set design and location shooting come alive in the brilliant technicolor.

Conner R (gb) wrote: Probably the most influential WW2 movie ever made, you can see ever other movie proceeding it to have similar scenes and characters. Maybe it's because this uses stock footage from the real war, was made so close to the war and has The Duke playing the lead; this is one of the best war movies ever made. No, it's not as well made as Apocalypse Now! or as realistic as Platoon, but this has it where it counts and was made a full 30+ years before either was made. John Stryker is one of the most iconic soldiers in any movie, he represents the true tortured soul and sympathetic tough guy. When a movie like this can still be powerful today, you know they did something right.

Ashley T (br) wrote: Haha, old TV movie with Cory Monteith from Glee. He probably has one scene in it. That's okay, I've seen everything else he's done, including really bad flicks where he didn't even have any lines. :P