Hard Ball

Hard Ball

An aimless young man who is scalping tickets, gambling and drinking, agrees to coach a Little League team from the Cabrini Green housing project in Chicago as a condition of getting a loan from a friend.

An aimless young man who is scalping tickets, gambling and drinking, agrees to coach a Little League team from the Cabrini Green housing project in Chicago as a condition of getting a loan from a friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John Z (de) wrote: People making comments here, find the material of the film redundant. Do they not live in the United States where there is no scrap of material that has not been gnawed to the bone? A coming of age story about a poor precocious girl. Yes, not an uncommon theme, but more common than films about boys which are blandly heralded by the critics? More common than ritual-reality TV and ritual TV talent shows, comedies about men getting drunk? Priveleged girls getting drunk and/or laid? Yet another hero slayer of hundreds? Is Quiten Tarantino really so original? Django was a florid pastel of over-ripe racist cleches and meaningless killing? Yet Tarantino is taken seriously. Here is a story about poor people, the enviroment, weak families and drugs; four things Americans don't want to make decisions about. Its a bit scarier than celebrating the preposterous conceit of a super hero with an inner-life, but hey thats entertainment.

Enrique S (gb) wrote: Disappointing. To be a horror franchise of Spanish origin, becomes a production to the style "Gringo" or Hollywood, it is unfortunate if, but exceeds in all aspects to the horrendous Rec 3 of Paco Plaza, but it falls very short in comparison with their first 2 deliveries.Review en Espaol:Decepcionante. De ser una saga de terror de origen Espaol, se convierte en una produccin al estilo "Gringo" o Hollywood, es lamentable si, pero supera en todos los aspectos a la horrorosa Rec 3 de Paco Plaza, pero se queda muy corta en comparacin con sus 2 primeras entregas.

Jiajun L (fr) wrote: love it, he was so young and handsome and talented.

Allyson H (mx) wrote: cute but a story that's been done a million times before

David L (fr) wrote: A prequel to the timeless classic 'Silence of the Lambs' which tells the story of how a young Hannibal Lecter grew up, and where his penchant for Cannibalism stemmed from. It's a good story and one of revenge on the soldiers that devoured his sister when they were starving hungry. It's sinister and surprisingly brutal to say the last but although the lead character has done a good job, you can't help that these films are missing something when Anthony Hopkins isn't playing the main part. It doesn't possess that psychotic aura that the later two films give off and in fact seems like he's murdering for murdering sake and not out of love for Clarice, or another admiration. Given its connection with an already approved franchise, this was always going to get my vote, and it is admittedly very captivating throughout. I'm not completely sold on it though, as it doesn't play up enough to the Cannibalism for my liking, and I'm not loving the stage presence of the lead role - he appears more perverted than a criminal mastermind. It's a bit like my feelings towards Hayden Christensen in Star Wars - I love the series so much that it overshadows any individual performance. As an independent film this is still watchable but doesn't compare to the original, or even the sequel 'Hannibal'. That said, they did set the bar so high that it was always going to be difficult to live up to. Would I watch it again? Yes, strangely I would, as it builds up momentum nicely so that you get entertained at all stages, culminating in that final encounter you've been waiting for, when Rhys Ifans (in an unfamiliar evil role) gets his cumuppence.

Bannan i (de) wrote: I personally believe this movie is way underrated, I suppose to like a movie of this calibre one needs to have an acquired taste to it. It flies beneath the radar because it tackles I suppose what you could call the 'truth' of the movie business and even the human psyche as a whole. The first time I saw simply the end of it, and it awed me...that I recommended it to Dij but hadn't seen the film in its entirety to earlier today.In this movie we learn of an actor, Gray Evans [Ribsi], who is married to actress, Mia Lang [Potente] and their marriage is suffering terribly. On top of this he finds that he is slowly losing his grips upon reality and the entire story becomes his entire paranoid obsession with a young film student, John Eckhart [Jackson]. This young character seems to remind him of himself before he caught the famous bug and became a completely different person.Various things occur where he tries to mend his relationship with Mia, or when he tries to portray their relationship to the public as completely normal whilst the tabloids proclaim them being 'stormy and tempestuous'. There are some parts in this film that get extremely confusing as it shows how easily his dreams become lucid and although he thinks they are real they just devour him completely.The finale, which I'm not going to share is quite something indeed. An ironic metaphor in itself.What drew me to this film was the dark premise of the story, Franka Potente [who is one of my favourite actresses] and Ribsi, of course.This movie simply shows that Ribsi is quite believable in playing yet another role where one is masquerading as 'normal' person whilst facing turmoils within themselves.Not for everyone, and I've noticed many actually aren't interested at all in this. I find this story quite deep and utterly terrifying.

Lee Z (au) wrote: I've seen this several times, mainly because I love the way it shows Sai Gon, a city I love very much. The plot is disturbing, very violent -- I haven't seen anything like this in Sai Gon myself, thank god. I find it a very compelling movie. Its plot is a bit too complicated, an it can be a bit hard to keep track of relationships or the reasons for what is going on. I suspect the "poet" is mainly silent in the movie because he is Chinese, and may not speak Vietnamese. Nonetheless he is interesting. The cyclo boy, around whom the plot revolves, reminds me of boys I've seen in Sai Gon -- hardworking, innocent, very poor. Most cyclo drivers I've seen in Sai Gon are middle aged, tho.

Becky B (br) wrote: This movie is very deep and thought-provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this film, its plot is very original and the characters all have a lot of personality. The film also evokes a lot of emotional feelings in its viewers that you will never feel with any other movie. It's a must-see for all ages.

Deke P (nl) wrote: How can you glorify Communists!?

Naoya K (mx) wrote: Better than the first one. Why not?

Jon A (nl) wrote: Possibly one of the worst films ever made. The dialogue is either banal and saying nothing or desperately trying tp explain what's going on in a way the characters couldn't possibly know. The acting and special effects are both dreadful. Long stretches of nothing happening should not be confused with suspense.

Jonathan M (es) wrote: Noir spy farce of a young woman's romantic pretensions towards IRA membership. The ending is a bit of a mess: coffin full of clocks, slapstick fistfight, etc.

Matt C (ag) wrote: Very funny! Why such a bad review!

Kim H (gb) wrote: Great movie. Loved it1