Hard Core Logo 2

Hard Core Logo 2

Bruce McDonald’s long-awaited follow-up to his cult classic mock-doc stars McDonald himself as "Bruce," the director of Hard Core Logo, who has relocated to L.A. and scored a profitable gig as a TV director. When the show he’s been working on is suddenly put on hiatus, Bruce is at loose ends. When he hears that punk rocker Care Failure (played by real-life musician Care Failure) has claimed that she channelled the spirit of Hard Core Logo’s late singer Joe Dick while writing songs for her new album, Bruce hies to Saskatchewan, where Failure and her band Die Mannequin are recording the album under the tutelage of Dick’s idol and former mentor Bucky Haight (Julian Richings, who played the same role in the original film).

Filmmaker Bruce McDonald returns to the mockumentary format of his 1996 cult favorite Hard Core Logo in this sequel of sorts. In this film's alternate universe, McDonald left his native ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan C (ru) wrote: last movie with her @ 2011 oct......

Rob S (br) wrote: Nobody remembers this turd

Paul S (jp) wrote: Overall this film is not great but I could not stop watching it once started so it must have had something.

WS W (ag) wrote: Looking familiar from story, narrative to Jonathan Rhys Meyers' character & delivery.

Eve C (jp) wrote: Petit Chef d'oeuvre !!!!

David W (ca) wrote: Eddie Murphy as Norbit is another concept that's been done to death since the dawn of time

Monica G (it) wrote: I deeply disliked it. Transylvania is seen as a shit place, full of gypsies, beggars and drunkers. The viewers get a distorted image of the Romanian society and country side, and this is a shame. I honestly don't understand why they named this film "Transylvania". The plot is weak and the characters are completely nuts in a surreal environement. You almost expect them any minute to transform into vampires, to complete the good old Romanian "tradition" - as so often related to in the West. What a waste of time to watch it and what a waste of money to produce it.

Matthew Y (ag) wrote: amazing. beautiful. simple in its complexity. it will awaken you.

Martin D (br) wrote: Well i like it a lot..see it whit youre girlfriend..very enjoyeble. When Paul, a lonely biochemist, and Diane, a socially inept comparative psychobiologist, come across a gypsy's mysterious potion, they're skeptical. But when chimps respond favorably, the... When Paul, a lonely biochemist, and Diane, a socially inept comparative psychobiologist, come across a gypsy's mysterious potion, they're skeptical. But when chimps respond favorably, the scientists have no choice but to test it on themselves, with hilarious and charming results.

Eva Q (jp) wrote: No stars. I fell asleep on this movie. TWICE.

Taru S (gb) wrote: Gotta luv the munsters!

Brian B (fr) wrote: Very grainy video quality. Lugosi never got the respect he deserved. This is a rather dark and atmospheric movie despite the lack of film quality.

Lee A (ag) wrote: Glorious, over the top trash with a good dose of brutality thrown in for good measure. You can't help but like it! It's hysterical.

Isadore H (br) wrote: Oculus was downright terrifying for me, and it is an example of a horror movie done right. It sacrifices cheap jump scares for incredibly tense scenes that sneak up on you and leave you scared of that noise you heard in the room across. The actors all did fine work, the girl was probably the best, and her brother wasn't far behind. There is some extremely disturbing imagery here, that will be left in your head for a while. Even though I wasn't hooked right away by the premise and the first 20 minutes, Oculus slowly but effectively got in my head and made my stomach churn. Do not miss this one

Riccardo G (au) wrote: 2 stars for fantastic art design, visual effects and a good use of music ques. 1 extra star for a story that was pretty decent.

Lasse C (au) wrote: Entertaining in how bad it is. Usually, time travel movies are full of paradoxes but in some instances, you buy it because they are entertaining (Source Code) and in some cases (The Terminator) even excellent. Timecop is just plain bad. Van Damme is a ludicrously bad actor and that, in itself, is actually pretty funny, but when you slap Mel Gibson's hair from Lethal Weapon on him he becomes slightly pathetic as well. But as I said, it is entertaining because it is so bad.