A provincial war vet arrives in Moscow and subsequently takes on a gang of bad cops.

A provincial war vet arrives in Moscow and subsequently takes on a gang of bad cops. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hard-Hearted torrent reviews

Karina H (br) wrote: this was a nice superman animation, similar to the old superman seriers.

Lisangelo B (nl) wrote: Problably the best film ever. If you're in the mood, of course.

Zachary S (mx) wrote: Great for the first three-quarters, then turn it off.

Art S (au) wrote: This is a portrait of a teenager who has taken on far too much responsibility (because of an alcoholic mother and missing father) at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder in French-speaking Belgium. It's shot in the Dardennes' unique style, which involves a handheld camera held very close to the protagonist. This creates a certain amount of suspense and/or anxiety - you can't see a lot of the context or even the people immediately surrounding Rosetta in some shots. Because Rosetta is tough, often running, fighting, stressing, the close camera on her back brings the viewer along for a hyper-kinetic visceral ride. The viewer is also placed in a morally compromised position - you want to identify with Rosetta, particularly because you have sympathy for her plight, but she doesn't always act nicely or morally. Perhaps this is explicable psychologically, or perhaps not. The film is open to interpretation - this gives it greater impact. I wonder, though, how many films the Dardennes can make in this vein - truly there are some great ones, but watching this early outing, I can see that there is some later retread.

Leonard D (us) wrote: Oh wow! Jodi Bowker was hot/beautiful! Harry Hamlin was a pretty good Perseus, and still enjoy watching him till this day. It's a great tribute to the special effects wizard himself Ray Harryhausen, and still find enjoyment in it! Sure, it ain't a perfect take on Greek mythology, (the kraken was supposed to be a squid), but scenes like medusas lair really delivered with the tension!

Robert D (ag) wrote: Great set pieces, followed by interesting themes. The movie loses it's flows during a certain point, leaving a dullish ride into cutting up flesh

Scott C (kr) wrote: I found this a bore.

Ben H (mx) wrote: Follow an idiot through an apocolyptic event; who knew that a SYFY movie could be half decent. The CGI isn't anything special and the storyline never really explains that much, but I have to admit that it held some charm and delivered more than some have on a bigger budget. Nice twist at the end too ;)

Mike B (br) wrote: Mildly entertaining, despite Cage's over-the-top performance. Not great.