Hard Justice

Hard Justice

Mr Lee is after a "golden Buddha" but is double crossed by one of his employees. In the process a man and his son are killed, so his brother Alex goes mad and seek revenge. He follows Lee's henchmen to San Fransisco, goes to a strip club, a casino, then he's saved and healed by indians before finally raiding the bad guy's lair with his friends

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Cornelius C (it) wrote: I was surprised at the people I seem in there but I think it was a good movie rob van Dan and Batista was pretty good in character and the storyline was great to

Matthew C (gb) wrote: It's not the insipid, cliched, indie garbage that it appeared to be. The cast does pretty good work here. For the most part these are all good characters, despite their obvious foibles. Even Ben Stiller is commendable in his role. In fact, Stiller's protagonist is so out-of-the box insane that he transcends the usual cliches you'd normally associate with a narcissistic, manic-depressive, free spirit in an indie dramedy. Whatever his mental disorder, he thinks and reacts in such random, unthinkable, deplorable ways, that one can't help but find this portrayal refreshing (thankfully, the people around him also react appropriately to his anti-social behavior). This also makes him feel more genuine, like he really is capturing the tortured state of mind of a real segment of society. Equally important, the script is strong. It is often quite witty, and it offers plenty of interesting (again, not cliched) situations in which to demonstrate the disorder of Stiller's character's mind.

tia c (ag) wrote: love it so much xxxxxx

Mihael T (de) wrote: Somewhat ok. Stretched at some parts, too cinfused at others. But that is supposed the real story of an actor.

Abby T (nl) wrote: Very entertaining romantic comedy.

Michael B (jp) wrote: Though it takes a while to get the momentum going, Escape from Sobibor has one of the most entertaining and epic endings in history.

Michael R (us) wrote: This is a brilliant film. This was neglected in its day, but is a masterpiece of biting social commentary and martial arts. Brilliant and funny.

James S (jp) wrote: Very entertaining. Over the top, silly consequences to what is probably a fairly reasonable portrayal of some of the problems in a modern marriage. Kept me guessing until the very end. I literally did not know what was going to happen at any point in the movie and was desperate to find out.

Lanky Man P (ag) wrote: Home Sweet Hell is better than the criticism it gets.

Tanner B (mx) wrote: -IGNORE THIS "OUT OF FIVE" RATING2.5/4Slowly paced but imaginatively conceived feature film of popular TV series. The crew of the Starship Enterprise locates a mysterious power in the far reaches of space. First-rate special effects and beautiful Jerry Goldsmith score throughout. Talky and derivative of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, but still fun to watch. Followed by many sequels.